Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Building Poo-Storm

Weasels in Congress acting up...from The Truth About Guns:
Republicans are trying to tack a health care reform amendment onto the FAA re-authorization bill. Democrats are retaliating by adding the high cap mag ban proposed by Carolyn McCarthy (10 years for 11 rounds or more). Click here for S223. “It’s political suicide,” National Association for Gun Rights Executive Director Dudley Brown told TTAG. “But after Tucson the Dems don’t seem to think so, along with some weak-kneed Republicans.” Brown reckons the amendments may cancel each other out, but warns our readers (and their 600 thousands members) to watch this space. Brown also points out that Harry Reid, the pol who [barely] failed to get the NRA’s endorsement during the last election cycle, is behind the push. Huh.

Update--From Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell...

May or may not be true...developing...


Dave S. said...

It's a shaky source. I don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

I thought by poo storm you were referring to the ATF's "Operation Gunwalker". It looks like they forced FFLs in the Southwest to carry out straw purchases to folks who the ATF knew would be taking the guns across the border. There was some border patrol officer who was killed and that gun was tracked back to "Operation Gunwalker".

whatever happened with the FBI agent who was caught dealing guns last year?

Moosejaw said...

Thank God we have the House and a healthy minority in the Senate...

Anonymous said...

If anyone continues to think that we're immune to the submission of any new gun control laws, they'd better think again. The progressive agenda is to "not let any crisis go to waste". They wait until another, then another, then another, etc. opportunity allows them to advance their agenda incrementally, no matter how long it takes.

Watch out for John McCain to be one of the "Maverick" collaborators.

Keep in-touch with your congress-people. Join the NRA too, if you're not already a member.

All laws like the one proposed by Carolyn McCarthy accomplish is to make law abiding citizens into criminals. These laws do not solve the problem. Sapper3Delta said it best a few "threads" ago. You can't stop evil! You can only contain it! So, how about containing the truly evil ones without jeopardizing the rights of everyone else?

Life Member

Anonymous said...

The things my father taught me when I was a youngster was,
1) Do NOT tuust any politican.
2) Don't trust lawyers (but there are exceptions) Most politicans are / were lawyers.
3)Most of all, NEVER trust the government, they are lying snakes, weasels ect. (not ment to offend snakes or weasels or Mr. Weasel.)

I figured he knew best he was a government employee... a LEO.

Right wing left wing, It's the same bird, Use to be an eagle. NOw it's a vulture pecking away at your freedoms, all the while keeping you divided.
Do you remember the song
"United we stand divided we fall....?"
Think about it....The truth is scarrier (stranger) than fiction.

Si Vis Pacem, Parabellum!
Semper Peratus.
Acta Non Verba!


Mike said...

Be careful of your sources particularly when it comes to Dudley Brown and NAGR.

Don't you find it strange that an organization (NAGR) that was supposedly founded in 2001 has spent zero money to lobby Congress on the issue.

How does an organization that supposedly lobbies for our gun rights in our nation's capital have no registered lobbyist as is required by law and how do they really lobby Congress from Colorado. In many of Dudley's emails he talks about being the "head lobbyist" for Rocky Mountain Gun Owners as well but he isn't registered to lobby the Colorado legislature either.

Dave S. said...

Brown has changed his story. First he said it was Reid. Now he says it was Dick Durbin who "told some people" he was going to do it. In other words, it's a third-hand rumor.

And of course, now he's claiming that he scared Durbin off.

Another day, another piece of bull****. Pretty soon we'll be throwing politicians in ponds to see if they float.

Anonymous said...

The health care bill has been ruled unconstitutional. None of these people have any business touching it.