Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home From Filming...'s a link for the NPR conversation on extended magazines with Stephen Hunter...isn't it cute that NPR keeps saying that the Tucson shooting "renewed the debate on gun control" when it's only media whores like NPR, the NYT and a couple of burned out second-rate Congresspeople who are "renewed?" Thanks for fightingbthe good fight, Steve.

BTW, I'll be working with Steve next week for GUN STORIES...will be big fun!

Really liked shooting the Rock River Arms piston pistol...can't help but think that for only 2 tax stamps (ouch!) it could be a superb suppressed SBR. I am going to build an SBR, but I'm thinking it'll be the AAC .300 Blackout.

I've got the cowboy nationals, Winter Range, coming up quickly...wish I'd been able to get in some more matches this winter, but weather is what it is, and that's way cold! I'll get in a match this weekend, make sure the equipment is dialed in. I wasn't able to get in the Wild Bunch nationals into my schedule...bummer.

I'm still hoping to make the Single Stack Classic in May, especially this year. Marshal and I are attending a special Gunsite 1911 class next month, focusing on Col. Cooper's original drills. Haven't decided which 1911 I'm taking yet...leaning toward my old Wilson competition gun, maybe out of my ancient Gordie Davis belt holster...


Dave S. said...

"isn't it cute that NPR keeps saying that the Tucson shooting "renewed the debate on gun control" when it's only media whores like NPR, the NYT and a couple of burned out second-rate Congresspeople who are "renewed?"

Now I'm really confused. When I expressed doubt about an "upcoming battle" against hi-cap mags, I was told I needed to "get out more."

(insert good-natured smilie here)

Gun control is well and truly dead as a political issue. We should concentrate on regulatory abuse, which seems to be the new hawtnez for liberal cowards who can't get what they want otherwise.

Adam said...

Michael, I'd love to see a weekly video or even a podcast devoted to the .300 blackout you could run it along with the supressed/sbr concept for home defense. Look forward to hearing about your sbr in any case. I'm thinking about a 8" Noveske upper for myself…

Tom L said...

Many thanks to Mr. Hunter and those voices of fact and reason. We should remember that the anti-gun factions are always looking for excuses to renew the debate on gun control. While this topic seems dead politically, if it isn't handled well when these incidents come up - by always returning the debate to the real causes of violence, and away from the tools used by the violent - then public opinion and political will can shift.

And if you think that can't happen, then you have already forgotten the 1994 Clinton gun bill.

Michael Bane said...

Aw Dave, consistency is the hobgoblin...etc...LOL!

My biggest fear is that something we don't take seriously sneaks by us, e.g. the Hughes Amendment to ban machine guns tacked onto the FOPA in 1986, slipped in through parliamentary sleigh-of-hand by that now-acknowledged scumbag Charlie Rangel.

We have very few actual friends in Washington...I have spent time in DC with some of our "allies," and I can say categorically that the vast majority of them have NO FREAKIN' IDEA who we are, what we want, why we want it, what the implications are of us losing it, etc. Their goal is to be re-elected, spend all their days safely inside the Beltway sucking the teet. If they own a gun at all, it's a high-zoot O/U shotgun so they can shoot sporting clays with lobbyists. They may have seen a picture of a handgun, probably a Glock, in the WaPo, but they just can't figure out why any sane person would want to carry one of those nasty things for self-defense. They are flying a flag of convenience, and they are only our allies because we can hurt them at the ballot box.

It;'s like pet-sitting someone else's timber wolf...sure, it wants you to bring it dinner, but it would just as soon eat you.


Justin said...


Thanks for posting the link to the NPR story.

I logged in there with my Gmail account and put in my two cents.

Justin said...

Michael, thanks for posting the link to the NPR story. I left a post there that will hopefully open some minds.

Dsquared said...

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