Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Thoughts

Haven't talked a lot about politics recently, because I figure anyone who visits this site or watches the shows knows where I stand. But I wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers tonight are with Gov. Scott Walker and the legitimately elected government of Wisconsin, the new front line in the battle for America.

With the appalling encouragement of the current administration, we see the last stages of Francis Fox Piven's wet dream being acted out in the streets of Madison...the "proletariat" rising up to challenge us poor stupid bastards who do the work, pay the taxes and do our best to make sure the lights come on in America every morning.

If I may borrow a phrase from Patrick O'Brian's wonderful "Master and Commander" series:


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Scott Currie said...

Amen Brother!

Cheesehead ex-pat

rpm64 said...

Never thought I'd see the day when the possibility of another Civil War was even thought of. With this administration and the current direction of secular liberalism. I must admit it's crossed my mind. States rights are becoming a big issue to me especially where the 2nd amendment is involved.

Mo said...

I find it interesting that the left only believe in democracy when the outcome suits them. If the vote doesn't go their way they are more than willing to disregard the election.

The real danger we face is apathy of average Americans. A well organized minority can steal the democracy they claim to be protesting for.

Hopefully the Republic is stronger than the assaults it faces.

CJS3 said...

I thought the interveiw with one of the dem senators "hiding out" at the Illinois "resort" was very prophetic, when he admitted that the bill would have to be passed, for the state to survive. He just wanted thr Govenor to "talk" to the union leaders. Public sector employees should have never been allowed to unionize.

nj_larry said...

Good read on the history of public unions and how we got into this fix. From the Wall Street Journal last month.

DamDoc said...

Lets see... Public sector unionized employees have pay and bennies 50% better than the people who pay their way (us).. and they are screeming because we can not afford to fund their cush gig any longer.. The folks who are paying their cush way have suffered the 401k crash (no garanteed state pension) and are mostly just trying to get by. We have to live with catistropic health insurance (you know, the $5,000 deductable kind, rather than the cover all state benny kind) are expected to additionally carry their heavy load too?... If Obo really wants to spread the wealth, he would be all for fixing this disparity if he were really honest, wouldnt he? I guess we know how far honesty goes, dont we? Wake up people!

Anonymous said...

The Left also knows that disarmament of the citizenry is essential to their furtherance of control. Be vigilant! They will take every opportunity that comes up to also steal our "2-A" rights. Take it from someone who's family was nearly eliminated by the Bolsheviks, that's what's coming here if we don't watch out.

When "it" hits the fan, the only things that will be worth anything will be guns and the tools needed to survive.

Life Member

Rastus said... the nation has one of those regional type Best Defense Survival situations shaping up. Hey Michael....good one for the show!!!! From real life too!!!!

Hmmm, stay away from the fray...avoidance. But if you live in or are caught up in the fray...whaddya' do?

Everyone should have seen this coming from the libs and dems and RINO's. Right now this is not past a tipping point as these rallies are really organized political showboating...but a true tipping point could be had here. If it were summer time with high temps you betcha'. Fairly benign for prime time right now....but something may turn it into real turmoil. It's the dems power base, bought and paid for with tax money...and the RINO's are no better talking a game and voting with no game.

The doctor getting caught issuing fraudulent sick notes may defuse this for now...being caught in the open...i.e., the light of truth, is very disuasive to cock roaches.

Anonymous said...

Heck Rastus, they should have seen it coming from Greece and France.
Insanity is repeating the same action expecting different results.
Liberals are insane.
Tom Bogan

Pete said...

Don't tell anybody, but even though I grew up in Wisconsin, I've been glad I live in Indiana instead of there for a long time now.

(Green Bay Packers Superbowl victory excepted, of course.)