Saturday, February 26, 2011

Summertime, When the Livin' Is Easy

Had to laugh at regular commenter Larry's post about my "summer Training regimen." He is, of course, right...we have a different definition of summer up at the Secret Hidden has to do with when the snowfall drops to once a week, the ice melts on the reservoir and the bears wake up. We have by necessity a more liberal definition of "summer" temperatures...

"March is a green, muddy month down below.
Some folks like it...
...mostly farmers..."

From Jeremiah Johnson

Shoot 4 more stages starting at 2PM today...will be striving for redemption, but if redemption is unavailable I'll settle for going fast.

Interesting to see National Concealed Carry Reciprocity come back around...years ago I wrote in the WSJ Online when W was first elected that reciprocity was an issue that most of us in the culture agreed on. That's certainly still true, but a number of factors have taken a little heat out of the argument. The first is the relentless juggernaut of concealed carry we've talked about extensively on the podcast and the shows, concealed carry liberalization is, for all intents and purposes, unstoppable. It might take years to push it into every nook and cranny of the Northeast (and the occupied state of Illinois), but CCW is an amazingly powerful trend. There's also the fact that states have added to their own reciprocity lists as they become more comfortable with CCW. Back in the earliest days, we all had complex algorithms of which ot-of-state permits we needed to get to cover the most states...that's a lot easier now. Add Constitutional Carry, which wasn't even on the radar a few years ago, and the undeniable rise of open carry, and the normalization process is farther along than any of us imagined it would be.

I see Wyoming is proceeding with Constitutional Carry, as is Colorado. Both are historically open carry need no permit to carry a gun on your hip, but as many have noted if you put on a coat you now need a concealed carry permit. So what we're really talking about is coat control. I suspect Wyoming will become the 4th Constitutional Carry state, but even if Colorado's initiative passes it will run up against Governor Moonbeam Lite.

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Kansas Scout said...

I think Open Carry just hit a wall. The logic of open carry is being taken too far for most areas by a radical element with no common sense. take note of Justice Scalia's comments on the Second Amendment. It' is an unlimited right, according to him. Pushing to far on the margins can backfire both with the general public and other gun owners.
All it takes is an idiot carrying a shotgun into a library.
Having grown up in Illinois, I doubt they will ever have CCW. Wisconsin probably will. New York will never change. We have pretty much hit our high water mark. If you think about it, when the court proceeds to define the scope of our second amendment rights through more cases, the very process of that will bring more limits rather than more freedom.
Abortion was declared by the SCOTUS to be protected yet look at the extensive regulation it allows against it.

Kansas Scout said...

Edit/correction. Don't know how I missed inserting

"NOT and unlimited right" quote by Scalia

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah Johnson, probably my all time favorite movie.

I think you are right, no way Mayor, er, sorry, Gov. Hick signs it.

I hope Denise's new shotgun is working out better than her hold one.
-Grizz (really wishing I was at WR with you all)

Oh, ordered a new USSG Baikal yesterday, be interesting to get my hands on it.

Pete said...

"Coat control" is brilliant. Well done, Mr. Bane. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Montana has HB 271, Permitless Carry going through. I believe it is in the Senate now. What this does is finally allows one to CC while inside incorporated areas, the same as it is now outside of town. I don't know if we will beat Wyoming though. We also have another one that will change the CCW prohibited zones to be much better than they have been.


Jerry The Geek said...

Here in Oregon, we're going to meet strong resistance to "Constitutional Carry" unless it meets the standards by which Oregon has established: Documented training on handgun safety and Concealed Carry Law; an affidavit testifying that you're a "Cool Cat" signed by 3 of your best friends (or winos for whom you have bought a beer [some overlap may occur in individual cases]); full fingerprint sample on file with the County Sheriff.

Most of that ... hell, ALL of it, I don't have a major problem with. At least you don't have to register your gun(s). And if you have a permit, they DO have your number, and your name, etc.

Right now there are a very low, low number of states for which Oregon grants reciprocity. We're taking Utah Concealed Carry tests for the reciprocity value alone, which seems ... oddly, disjointed. But if it's stupid, and it works, it ain't stupid.

Oh, and I remember the Griz quote as starting: "March is a wet and muddy month ...". But I haven't since my Combination VCR and DVD player lost the ability to eject the tape currently in the VCR bay, I can neither confirm nor deny. It was, as you may have guessed, "Jeremiah Johnson", so I guess I need to replace THAT video with a DVD, too.

Randy Haskins said...

While all the Dems in Wisconsin are hiding out, the rest should take this time to pass conceal carry bill.

Anonymous said...

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