Sunday, June 21, 2015

And These Are Our "Friends…"

From the Daily Caller:
Republican strategist Karl Rove said on “Fox News Sunday” the only way to stop gun-related violence, like the Wednesday massacre at Emmanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston S.C., was to repeal American citizens’ Second Amendment rights...
What to say…what to say…

How about, "μολὼν λαβέ, asshole!"


Anonymous said...

the betrayal of the Republicans is now becoming overt, which is, in a way, good. Now, perhaps, we might see the rise of a third party or a re-working of the old party... one can only hope.

Metalchemist said...

Karl Rove is a globalist weasel pig (literally).
The two party system is nothing more than two sides of the same coin.
The agenda is still the same.

Anonymous said...

I watched the show and listened when Rove said what he is quoted as saying. I encourage everyone to go and watch it. I'd suggest reading an account of it at Breitbart ( You can view the "tape" at other sights.

I also predict that we will never hear the end of this one. But, fast-forward to a gun-free world, if stupid conservatives such as Rove suggest. One where only the various government "factions" have guns. Will killings, or mass killings stop? The answer is "NO"! It isn't a very well kept secret that killers have figured out ways to kill more people faster than with guns. As a responsible citizen, I won't even allude to how they do it, for fear that I will educate some low-life who's intelligence hasn't caught-up with his or her creativity. I will only point to the Mid-East and the terrorist culture that lives there. How many people do they take out in a market-place in a single event?

If we want to keep our freedoms here in America, we need to continue to hold our First and Second-Amendment ground while also fighting to contain the true "killers".

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Karl Rove is not a politician. He his like a remora, making his living feeding of the scraps of politicians.

Karl Rove advised George the Younger who started his term with a majority in the House and Senate. Following Roves advise, Bush lost control of both houses and lost the presidency to the Democrats.

Karl Rove couldn't lead hungry wolves to meat.

If Karl Rove was a compass he would always point East.

Karl Rove is the kid pushing on the door marked pull.

I am not a fan of Karl Rove.


Bruce Warren said...

The only way were are going to curtail weasel pigs like this it to abolish the 1st amendment. Oh, wait. We will be cutting our own throats.

Anonymous said...

What we already know:

Life Member

RMCM(SS) said...

I guess I am not surprised that he might feel that way but I am somewhat surprised that he would actually say it out loud. What an Fing jerk! Fortunately no one with good sense - that excludes the MSM of course - will pay any attention to him. Yes, he does some damage but I don't think it is insurmountable.

Miles said...

Mr Warren:
There's another way to 'curtail' pigs like this. Enough people get sick, tired and fed up with it and that other way will become glaringly apparent. This knowledge scares the bejesus out of TPTB, thus: guncontrol!

It's illuminating when they finally feel warm and fuzzy enough to speak their true feelings from deep down inside whatever makes them tick. Technically, for a politician, this pig made a 1st order strategic blunder and spoke truthfully for once.

Joel said...

Michael, do you really still imagine that these people are our friends?

nj larry said...

A breaking kindof news flash !!!

After a very long battle in the courts, SCOPE, a NY gun rights group, finally received from NYS the statistics of registrations of AWs under Gov Andy Cuomo's SAFE Act. The detail is in this article which just came out. A little over 23K people registered guns. LMAO this is in a state of over 20 MILLION. God Bless the gun owners of NY for not putting up with this nonsense ! Turns out RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Michael, while certainly no fan of Rove's, It didn't seem to be a call for elimination of the 2nd, he was speaking clumsily, IMO. Not that I trust him, no indeed. We used to refer to this ilk as "Rockefeller Republicans".

Anonymous said...

JohninMd. John, Rove is not "clumsy". He fundamentally does not understand the world, the Constitution and self defense. If was not ignorant he would have said something like "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Any one who has thought through it realizes repealing the 2nd Amendment only creates a monopoly of violence in the hands of the Government and the criminals. That would lead to more violence. Ever heard of Mexico or Rwanda?

Alfred Sauve said...

He also exposes his knowledge and understanding of the Bill of Rights.

Repealing the Second does not repeal the right. It does take away an inhibition for the government to pass new laws, but the right transcends the Constitution.

George said...

I'm sure most have seen this by now, but here's an article in the Washington Post about the revival for a push on background checks:

I think we are going to see the GOP turn on us on gun rights. If they can win a national election and hold power while standing for "moderate" gun control, they will abandon us in droves. It'll be like the gay rights debate where they will become "enlightened" and change their positions.

kmitch200 said...

Damn good point Alf.

There are NO, NONE, ZERO, NADA rights "granted" by the Constitution.