Friday, February 15, 2008

One I Missed at SHOT!

Last year Microtech Small Arms Research, a division of Microtech Knives, introduced their Steyr AUG A1 clone, the STG-556 rifle (obviously in 5.56, like the original Steyr. This year, MSAR upped the anti with what they call a "Modular Carbine System MSC-o8," which is sort of an AUG clone in 9mm that takes Glock high capacity magazines. Cool, huh? Here's from the press release:
It is a 27-inch, short and compact Bull-Pup type, semi-automatic carbine that accepts high capacity magazine of the popular Glock pistol series, of which there are several million in use worldwide by security forces and sport shooters alike.

Due to the carbine’s modular design, it can be changed from one caliber into another quickly, by changing the bolt head, barrel, and if necessary, the magazine well adaptor sleeve. Its high strength alloy receiver is standard, supplied with either a 9” Picatinny rail, or with an integrated detachable 1.5x optic. The 16.5” long, quick detachable, chrome lined barrel, along with its choice of popular pistol calibers, makes it suitable for accurate and casual target shooting, hunting, or personal defense, well beyond the ranges of a pistol, in the same caliber. The receiver accepts a side-mounted Picatinny rail that allows the mounting of illumination or other sighting devices.
Neat-o. Not the first implementation of this idea...remember Olympic Arms offers an AR-15 lower receiver (and complete gun) that takes the 9mm Glock 33-rounders, but the AUG platform is just super, and Glockinistas should like this one! I'll post a pix when I can get one.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't the AUG clones also available in 6.8 Rem. SPC?

Yeah, daddy.