Friday, February 15, 2008

Steve Schreiner for NRA Board of Directors!

I wanted to strongly endorse my friend Steve Schreiner in his run for the NRA Board of Directors.

Steve is a Vietnam vet, awarded a Silver Star, and currently the head of the Firearms Coalition of Colorado. He has worked tirelessly with me in the fight against U.S. Forest Service closures of public land to recreational shooting, has shown up at every one of the endless public meetings and in front of the Colorado legislature, and has been a strong voice for gun owners in Colorado.

I would love to see him on the NRA Board of Directors. If you're a voting member of the NRA — and you certainly should be! — I urge you to give him your support.

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Anonymous said...

Other rec's?

Greater grassroots influence over NRA board/policy is possible now with blogs like yours and online gun forums.

How about voting strategy? Better to leave blanks and only vote for solid gunnies -- avoid fudd factor?