Monday, March 02, 2009

And You Thought It Was Just Me...

From Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee (via PajamasMedia):
Nationwide Ammunition Shortage Hits U.S. 

Individual shooters are stockpiling thousands of rounds of ammunition because of fears of future punitive taxation or outright bans of certain kinds of ammunition. Law enforcement agencies are also stockpiling ammunition to make sure they have enough on hand to meet training requirements. The shortage we are seeing is the result of both agencies and private citizens hoarding the most sought-after ammunition.

Thus, this shortage is the result of an accordion effect that has developed over the past few years.

Law enforcement agencies have been rapidly increasing their ammunition consumption because of how they are rearming, causing a permanent increase in demand. Just as ammunition manufacturers began to cope with that increase, a second run, based upon a downward-turning economy and rising fears of laws targeting gun and ammunition, dramatically expanded demand yet again.

Shortages of ammunition and firearms can be expected to continue for as long as it appears our overreaching federal government is a threat to our individual liberties, our economy continues to falter, and our police agencies keep militarizing.

It’s going to be a long ride.

Stock up while you can.


Anonymous said...

Margo Channing: Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night! All About Eve (1950) Betty Davis

I couldn't have said it better. With the stock market imploding today, this article only serves to heighten my fears. Anyone know of a good location for an apple stand?,%5Egspc,%5Eixic

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the lowly bulk 22 LR.

Eric said...

My wife shoots .22 Magnum and even it is scarce as hens teeth! The only consolation in all of this panic buying is that revolvers are still plentiful and reasonably priced.

Anonymous said...

.40S&W seems moderately easy to find. For me anyway. But I don't know if that caliber counts you know, the caliber that everyone hates and most people will never use.

Anonymous said...

I have been following the reports of ammo shortages via postings on other gun forums.

Just about every time I pass by my local Wally World's ammo case it is out of all the .223, 9mm, .40,.45 and all the bulk .22LR.


Rumor mill has it that local gunstores have an in with the workers at WalMart. As they are about to re-stock the ammo case, the Wally World employee calls up the gunstore owner who then races to Wally World and buys it all up.

The other part of the rumor is that people are buying it all up and then plan on reselling it at gunshows, gouging unsuspecting people with their jacked up prices.


Thank goodness I reload.

And cast! ;)

Mtn Man said...

So what you are saying is we have an arms race developing between the LE, military, and civilian gun owners? Can you say "Civil War"? I thought you could...

Luckily at least for now that very fact has given us some breathing room- I don't think for one minute that Speaker Pelosi would have made Obama back down without those stats staring her in the face.

M.D. Creekmore said...

I have been stopping by the local sporting goods store at least once a week with hopes of finding some 9mm, I bought the last of the stock that they had on hand and they can't seem to get anymore. I asked and they said it had been back ordered since December. Glad that I had the foresight to stock up ahead of time.
M.D. Creekmore
The Survivalist Blog

Anonymous said...

Sporting goods stores, having had rotten third and fourth quarters in 2008, revised their inventories on all sorts of things downwards, to avoid getting stuck with inventory they could not sell. They messed up on the ammo and gun runs. The world of production will catch up eventually, but expect higher prices.

Your Humble Narrator said...

Some of us can't afford to pick up pallets at a time a la The Nuge and have to scrape pennies for a case or half-case here and there. Let's make sure we're all sharing like nice kids since when that "civil war" comes we'll all be holed up together either shouting for a new mag or stuffing them for the shooters on the line :-) In the meantime, I humbly thank my gun-totin' neighbors nice enough to leave a few boxes here and there for little ol' me and the missus (who's a wicked shot in her own right).


Anonymous said...

Just a thought, we have already increased the cost of ammo in certain calibers by 300,400 percent. The supply has dried up, a tax hike will destroy the industry. Guns make horrible paper weights.

Anonymous said...

Since I'm a child from the last depression era, I have been taught a lot. I know how we had to do with very little, but survived and had a happy if not adventuresome life. I know what was important to have too. So, I'd like to make a few suggestions to help others to prepare for what will most likely come in our near future. In addition to having guns and ammo,
I'd suggest buying sturdy knives, the kind that can be used as tools and for food processing. Buy hand tools, like hand saws and crank drills, axes, sledge and claw hammers. Hoard nails and screws. Don't get caught with powered stuff, as there may not be "power to the people". Buy kerosene lanterns and stockpile candles; more can be made from animal fat. Learn how to butcher your own meat and raise it too. Chickens are easy. Learn to can and preserve foods. Get to know your GOOD neighbors and pool resources and form a survival plan, including getting the hell out of your area, if you have to. To hell with the socialist neighbors that sold you out. They'll be trying to steal what you have left anyhow! Get a good Army survival book and read it ahead of time. Get your sons into the Boy Scouts, so they'll learn basic skills. You get the picture.
As one of my friends sagely said of his knife: "When everything goes to hell, this will be the only thing that's worth anything."
Some of us have been there.
Life Member