Friday, March 20, 2009

Park Service Moves Against Springfield Museum???

The Springfield Armory National Historical Site in Massachusetts is a tribute to America's first and last national armory, the place where much of our national history was shaped (the above illustration is from Harper's Magazine in 1861 as the Armory tooled up for the Civil War).

Now it appears that the Armory itself has come under fire, this time from its National Park Service overseers.

Yesterday Jim Shepherd at the SHOOTING WIRE and I received information ostensibly from an insider whistle-blower that the Springfield Armory is quietly being disassembled. According to the information we received, the new director not only has no background in firearms — rather, from "textiles" — but sees no benefit in preserving "old guns."

Again, according to the information we received, the curator has been removed, the huge arms library has been closed and the new administrator is in the process of locking up the arms collections.

Both Jim and I are working to either confirm or deny the information, but so far no one at Springfield is talking.

The Springfield Armory is an important part of our history and a special place for gun owners. Those who would like to exorcize firearms from the American stage might well pause and consider the consequences to their own careers from being in the middle of a very public controversy over an important piece of Americana.

We'll keep you informed!


Anonymous said...

I knew that the looneys had been holding back for years waiting for "their guy" to get in so that they could run amuck.

Observation, many of the looneys have no balls which is why they waited for "their guy" to be elected.

Anonymous said...

Sent the following E Mail to that POS and my Reps
Many Americans find it reprehensible that while you can find millions of dollars to pay off your crooked cronies in ACORN you allow the Park Service to censor history by shutting down the Springfield Armory National Historic Site.
Yet another despicable act attempted behind the scenes.

Tom Bogan

km said...

That's the way of the world, cut your nose off despite your face. We don't value history or historical places as much as we should. Now why might that be? It might be due to the way that History is taught in our schools and the text books that are assisting in the teaching.

It should be concepts of freedom first, then the drill on places and dates and such. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

In a way, I am glad that my grandfather passed away in 1994. I can just imagine him now if he was alive. He always did that shaking of his head and that "Uh, uh, uh" noise when he heard of some really crappy news.

I can also picture him sitting on the edge of his chair, pointing to his palm with his middle finger like "old krauts" do and saying "it all comes down to power of the almighty buck."

Funny thing is, maybe back when he was alive his heart probably really did sink at the notion of what his grandchildren might have to face in this changing America/world.

....shakes head....

"Uh, uh, uh!"

Anonymous said...

Hmmn... Ohh... so... yeah, when are we supposed to start burning our history books, again?

I think I missed that memo.

I get a free complimentary brown shirt with every history book I burn, right?


Mike Gordon said...

So when does the Park service begin destroying the Springfield Collection as surplus arms?

Assrot said...

Michael I think this is a disgrace. If you find out it is true, please let all us pro-gun folks know what we can do to help.


NRA Life Member
GOA Member
SAF Member

TXGunGeek said...

Well, they suck because they hate us. Fortunately, The Mrs and I went there on our honeymoon and got to see it before history was rewritten to exclude any positive use of guns.

Anonymous said...

Who or what is your source, exactly?

Anonymous said...

As a insider from Springfield Armory ( a regular volunteer), I can tell you that the rumors are false. Regardless of the director's interest in firearms, there are no plans to disassemble the armory's firearms collection. The upstairs collection has unfortunately been locked up from regular public tours due to preservation/security reasons, but there are no plans to disperse the collection. The new storage facility makes it impractical to give tours of the gun library because the guns are no longer arranged in the old storage racks, and are in a climate controlled room, but appointments can be made for research purposes. I wish it was more open to the public, and I suggest writing to your representatives about the issue.

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