Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Walpurgis Night!

Satan's minions are rising around the world; the Hellbore is fully open; what rude beast slouches toward Bethlehem...etc.

Place your stakes by the doors; do NOT invite anyone in, even if she's really really hot and looks like Lindsay Lohan; hang garlic bulbs in the windows, dip the 230-grain FMJs in Holy Water; make sure you have a sword, machete or Zombie Tool handy to separate the head from the body of the various undead minions of Satan. If you have a pet goat, do NOT let it outside tonight! The night is long and full of terrors!

Tomorrow, we'll get back to guns, assuming we make it thought the night.

Good luck!


"gunner" said...

no problem, i've got a scottish regimental sword that's razor sharp, i guarantee that will shorten 'em.

Anonymous said...

What!? You mean all the liberals are out tonight?

DamDoc said...

So this is why the left, Unions, socilaists and communists like May Day!.. didnt know they were affiliated with witches, too!

kmitch200 said...

If you have a pet goat, please leave it out tonight.
Beetlejuice and I are feeling a little anxious if ya know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Naw, Michail, Saten's minions are coming out Tues., Occupy Whatever on May Day. ( how appropriate). JohninMd(help)

Anonymous said...

I like the Czech version-- a chance to have a big old carbon-footprint bonfire with your friends and drive off the old winter.

Of course here in TX we've had the AC on for a month, but a good excuse for a bonfire... who cares if it's 90 degrees out?