Monday, April 23, 2012

Well, There... still brutally pounded with on earth did his happen? Last week we were doing the ultra high-speed photography and the trick video stuff for Gun Stories Season 2 out at GUNSITE. My good friend Gary Paul Johnson took pity on me and came out with his AA-12 full auto 12 gauge, a 20-round drum, a Kel-Tec KSG bullpup and a LOT of shotgun shells, which we proceeded to run through like there was no tomorrow. I read on he Internet recently that the shottie no longer was "necessary" since he invention of the AR-15. Yeah, whatever...

We got some Phantom footage of me and the AA-12, which we'll get up on DRTV ASAP. We also got some freakin' amazing footage with the Browning 1919... You guys are gonna be so blown away!

I'm thinking we need to film some long range cowboy rifle stuff, which involves me rounding up a long range cowboy rifle. SG Producer John Carter has already gone for a 45/70 High Wall repro from Cimmarron; Marshal Halloway went all traditional with a 32-inch Sharps 45/70. I'm thinking this High Wall 45/70 from Taylor's, Montana Vintage Arms tang sights, some kinda load worked up with Laser Cast 405-grain bullets...I've got some lying around, I think. Be a fun project to work up...something I've never done before. I have to say I considered a Trapdoor Springfield like this Uberti....I had a cut-down Trapdoor when I was a kid and I put about a bazillion 45/70 405s through it, as many as I could buy with my allowance. Still, the High Wall is just so graceful.

I'll keep you informed!


Anonymous said...

Shottie? WTH

Flash Powder Hal said...

Shottie = Shotgun.

Anonymous said...

And those .45-70's will be stoked with real black powder, right?

I shoot with a couple of guys that are 900-meter and 1000-yard champ's. One shoots a Browning .45-70 Gov' Highwall and the other a .45-70 Sharps that has a distinct tapered case. Both shooters use iron sights! They have got it down to a "science".

Life Member

pasotom said...

Hi Mike ;
I shoot cowboy longrange at every shoot that offers it . I have Sharpes , Roller & Hi-walls . The easest to shoot well is the Hi-wall. You can have one made to your spec At C.Sharps in Big Timber Mt . There single set trigger is top notch . The lock time is much faster than a Sharps & being center line dosn't torque the rifle . Using Badger barrels is also a plus . The finish is also great .
Paso Tom

Jordanvraptor said...

I was just listening to your podcast 262 where you mentioned the High Standard HS-10B bullpup shotgun. I have one and can tell you that they can be finicky about ammo and are somewhat awkward to load. I use 12 pellet OO Buck and mine works just fine. The downside is that they are 4 + 1 for capacity unless you modify it by putting on a longer magazine tube for 2 or 3 more shots. Search "bullpup shotgun" on Youtube and you'll see me shooting it at my gun club. I used to be the number one result until Kel-Tec invented the KSG. If you ever make it around Portland, Oregon you have an open invitation to shoot the HS-10B at my club. Great show and podcast.