Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Frightening Trip to the Grocery Store

I went to the local Hippie Mart yesterday because it's the only place locally that has good frozen salmon. This required me to stand in line for about 20 minutes, since things move pretty slowly at Hippie Mart, largely because the heated conversations on global warming, the evil mining companies (Mining companies? Is 1930 back?), the evil evil oil companies, evil evil evil capitalism, more global warming, how people who didn't believe in global warming would probably all be killed in the coming global warming apocalypse — indeed, should be — and, of course, why everyone hates Ted Cruz. Sigh. It was like being trapped in a Madison, Wisconsin, Starbucks. Who knew 20 minutes could last so long?

If you haven't seen the Glock "Wrong Girl" commercial, race right over here and watch the commentators note, you will laugh out loud!

As predicted, yesterday was an orgy of blood-dancing, including President Selfie himself weighing in (basketball season must be over...can't wait for his SuperBowl picks!). The only thing new I saw is yet another "third way" initiative being floated, this one headed up by our old friend Richard Feldman (and Arkadi Gerney) in the LA Times...he's gone down this path before (also from the  LA Times). We've heard it all before, in fact every time a major gun control initiative goes down in flames. You can tell this is a major offensive from our enemies because the first person to chime in, predictably, is former Brady President Paul Helmke, as implacable a gun-banner as exists, on "Time to find common ground."

Read both the articles, which should all be prefaced with the phrase, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." Gun confiscations are already under way in New York (and have happened in California); citizens are not registering their guns en masse in states like CT, which put into place a registry after Newtown. The civilian disarmament movement has one single, sole objective, and that is unconditional civilian disarmament — "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in!" There is no other agenda item.

Several points need to be made here:

1) READ ALINSKY! They do; we should. Alinsky teaches that the end justifies the means. Lying for the "greater good" is encouraged...tell the rubes whatever you need to tell them to accomplish the progressive goals..."If you like your policy, you can keep it. Period." Any of this sound familiar?

2) The stated policy of the current civilian disarmament movement since its inception by "Pete" Shields and Handgun Control Inc. has been incrementalism. Read some of the quotes here, but this one is germane to the "third way" discussions, from no less than Charles Krauthammer, currently one of the brightest lights in "conservative" punditry, writing on the 1994 AWB (WaPo, 1996): "In fact, the assault weapons ban will have no significant effect either on the crime rate or on personal security. Nonetheless, it is a good idea . . . . Its only real justification is not to reduce crime but to desensitize the public to the regulation of weapons in preparation for their ultimate confiscation." One agenda item only...Paul Helmke understands this perfectly well; so does Richard Feldman and everyone else who advocate a "third way."

3) "Third way" advocates ask us to make deals with people who lie repeatedly, reflexively and with full knowledge that they are lying. For our enemies, lies are simply a strategy, a means to get to a predefined end. They'll be happy to give us all the Turkish Delight we can eat as long as each yummy bite moves them closer to their ultimate goal, complete civilian disarmament. If Barrack Hussein Obama came up to you tomorrow and said, "You know, Bitter Clinger, I've been talking to my pals at Brady and to Mr. Gabby "Starman" Giffords and, upon reflection, I'm ready to make a deal. You give up those pesky AR-15s, and you agree to our new, improved definition of 'transfer,' and I'll let you carry a gun in every state. Let's shake on it!"...would you believe him? Why not ask the dead American heroes in Benghazi what they think...oh wait, they trusted the American government to stand behind its most sacred covenant — to the absolute best of our ability to protect those who serve on far shores — and they're dead because of that trust. 

4) "Third way" advocates invariably have a whole list of things that "gun owners," a.k.a. us, would be willing to "give up" to obtain these ostensible benefits. Of course there would be a few little strings attached...strings that would put more and more gun owners in jail. We often think that the jailing of innocent gun owners over technicalities as a "bug" when, in fact, it's actually a "feature." Remember...they don't hate guns, they hate us. More gun owners in jail is a "good think"...look at the enforcement of the New York SAFE Act. And the SAFE Act is a good example of that incrementalism at work...the state had a 10 round magazine capacity it is 7. Do any of us actually believe that the other side will stop before that number reaches "zero?"

Be aware; pay attention. The fight goes on.


DamDoc said...

Again, the 2014 election is coming... I know there are exceptions (exceptional ars hulls).. but, on average, which party did more to protect Mr and Mrs America from turning them in?... Demo-crats, Republicritters, or some third party?... Which party was dancing in the blood in the path of the deranged to disarm us? Just sayin, think carefully about it. Its been a LONG year, a LONG hard fight, and weve all (except for that anonymous guy that keeps commenting) spent alot of treasure and time... and continued fight is at hand. Time to double down.

Anonymous said...

Works for me.

Charlie Foxtrot said...

Any way to get a digital free-rights copy? Is it in the public domain? I'd hate to put a dime in that bastard's pocket.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, ok, I'm good with finding some common ground. Soooo, how about we ditch the NFA34? Hmmm??

That's right, ditch the unconstitutional NFA34. Because, it's the right thing to do. I need FA, etc. for whatever the hell I say I want it for-mainly commies that want my other guns. Heh.

Bubblehead Les. said...

The "Third Way" is the equivalent of the Chicoms taking off their Mao Jackets and donning Armani Suits.

But the Labor Camps are still there.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

Anonymous said...

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