Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Well, Obviously...

...I'm out and about, the big push straight through to the SHOT Show. Let me apologize in advance for not having a new podcast tomorrow...I've been too busy to bank a few extra, but it's on my list for next year! A lot of things are on my list for next year...

I do have a handy pIece of advice for Adventurous Eaters...when eating in a highly recommended Schezwan restaurant where you notice that 99% of the cusomers are Asian, BELIEVE the proprietor and the chef when they tell you the wonderful sounding fish stew you've just ordered is hot...like seriously honest to goodness HOLY CRAP HOT! Of course I manned up, and in fact the soup was really really good...so good that after a couple of days I'm still enjoying it! I think it dissolved my pancreas.

I saw a really fascinating pistol yesterday from the 17th Century, I think...a 4-barrel repeater with a pure Steampunk clockwork mechanism to advance the fire control from barrel to barrel...never seen anything like it. No pictures, under threat of being hung, but I've found a guy who knows a guy who thinks he can pull a string.

I know we're all bracing for the Newtown anniversary....the blood dancers are in costume and I expect a spectacle we probably haven't seen since the 17th Century. The best advice I have is from MASTER & COMMANDER:

H.O.L.D.  F.A.S.T.

You've all seen the polls...support for gun control is collapsing even in the urban centers. Knowing that the blood dancers, who are truly without honor, grace or compassion, will be in a frenzy. The MSM will go all out to give the crazy man everything he wanted...fame, fame and more fame...setting up the next slaughter in yet-another gun-free zone.

To all you pod people out there, and you know who you are, the next few days are a good time to lay low...there are other, better times to go to the mall than when the MSM and the blood dancers are trying to chum up a new demon. And where you're out this week, awareness is your Number One tool.

Here's a good thought for the week,for Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed..."


kmitch200 said...

"Dissolved pancreas", now that's funny!

Agreed on the Newtown date.
The libtards will be pushing for something!, anything! to be done about law abiding gun owners.
Makes them feel so much better and they just thrive on feelings...it makes critical thinking unnecessary.

Common sense is so rare now it should be classified as a Superpower.

DamDoc said...

Hot and sour soup, schezaun chicken, and brown rice, please...

Anonymous said...

The mayor of Newtown has asked the media "to just stay away!".

Some parents who lost a child to the crazy shooter whose mother could have prevented this mass-murder in the first place, said that they are "leaving town so that they don't have to be reminded of the pain...".

Only a gun in the hands of an honest citizen can stop the hands of an evil-doer.

If liberals, who always do the opposite of what actually must be done to solve problems have their way and restrict our ability to defend ourselves, evil will win!

Life Member

Anonymous said...

P. S.: Even Nelson Mandela supported armed self-defense.

Life Member