Friday, January 10, 2014

Bullpup Fever

You know, I couldn't wait to get my Tavor bullpup. I put a Lucid HD7 red dot on the gun (which I really like, BTW), put some rounds through it and sat it aside. My plan was to take a class with the Tavor, but the real world interfered and my spare time vanished. I hope to pick it up this year and get that class in, with a couple of changes.

Midwest KeyMod Handguard

Both Midwest Industries and Fab Defense are rolling out new handguards for the Tavor. My inclination is to go with the Midwest Industries version, because I like the KeyMod system. Maybe more importantly, there will be 2 new triggers for the Tavor in 2014. Trigger pull has always, to me, been the weak link of the bullpup system. As much as I liked its many features, I passed on an FNH FS-2000, even though it had a substantially better trigger than any of the AUGs I've shot (and, full disclosure, I have NOT shot any of the new gen AUGs).

The Tavor has a pretty good trigger...for a bullpup...but it's going to get better. Both Geissele Automatics and Timney have announced replacement triggers for the Tavor. I talked to the guys at Geissele and they're pretty close, so I placed an advance order.

I note that Desert Tech, which as pioneered cutting edge bullpups, announced a new one for SHOT, the MDR, interchangeable for 5 calibers. I remember shooting their SRS-A1 a few years back and it was pretty neat. Pretty expensive, but pretty neat.


Overload in Colorado said...

Keltec also ANNOUNCED two new Bullpups for SHOT.

bob r said...

Lucid HD7 red dot link not quite complete (missing the last 'p'):
Lucid HD7 red dot

Joe Patricks said...

Michael, Why didn't you go with the Timney Trigger? Iheard they are ready to go.