Friday, January 10, 2014

Tactical Solutions .300 Blackout solution!

I think this is totally cool! From Tactical Solutions, a .300 Blackout upper with a permanently attached shroud. Here's the presser:
New for 2014 is the TSAR-300: The only 300 AAC Blackout upper which provides the versatility of a short barreled rifle (SBR) upper without the red tape and NFA paperwork. Suppressors fit inside the circumference of a permanently attached shroud allowing shooters to attach a suppressor without significantly increasing the overall length of the rifle. The TSAR-300 is full auto rated with a mil-spec bolt carrier group. Every upper comes with a TacSol two piece free float hand guard as well as an inert suppressor.
When your silencer paperwork clears, simply screw off the "inert" suppressor and screw on the real thing. This is sort of the flip side of last year's Sig Sauer MPX-C with the extended "compensator" that doubles as the innards of a suppressor when the paperwork clears and you screw on the outer tubing.

Couple of good points on the Tac-Sol .300 — the .300 Blackout round is optimized for the shorter barrel, so you're not losing anything by keeping the barrel short. The drawback to a 16-inch .300 Blackout is that when you attach the suppressor it's a bit unwieldy.

As the situation is now, if you want a suppressed short-barreled rifle you have to go down the path I'm following with the .300 Blackout pistol project. Build a .300 Blackout pistol lower for your short-barreled upper; file the paperwork and pay the $200 on an SBR; wait 9 months to a year; file the paperwork and pay the $200 on the suppressor, wait, then after the 2 stamps arrive you can assemble the entire gun.

SB-X 10/22 barrel

Tac-Sol first delivered the attached shroud on their .22 barrel upgrades, the SB-X, and I have to say that at first you could color me skeptical of the concept. That was actually until I tried it on one of Tac-Sol's X-Ring .22 rifles. With the SB-X you get a 12.5 inch barrel and the permanently attached shroud. That rifle with a Tac-Sol suppressor has become one of my all-time favorite .22s.

I'm hoping to have a TSAR as soon after SHOT as possible, and we'll be doing a full report on DRTV.


Overload in Colorado said...

In a related note, does anyone make flash hiders, compensators, or anything else other than suppressors that could screw onto a suppressor mount? Yankee Hill has a flash hider built into their mount, but it would be cool to screw a comp onto it instead of a suppressor.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second. Can't you just build a 300 blk pistol, then permanently attach the silencer (3 weld spots IIRC), and then throw a stock on it, saving one tax stamp?

Anonymous said...

how bout a16" free float hand guard on a 7 1/2" 300 BLK pistol upper! Or no? then your silencer?

Unknown said...

No. By putting a stock on it it would then be classified by the atf as an sbr and would thus be illegal without the additional tax stamp.

CallMeChaz said...

An 8" can PERMANENTLY attached to an 8" bbl. is considered a non-atf 16" bbl. So "yes" you may throw a stock on it without an SBR stamp.

Marcel said...

From right to left, the first is a standard .223 Remington for a size comparison. Next is the 300 Blackout, then a .338 Whisper round that launches a 300 grain rock downrange at 1050 FPS. I also load these with a 200 grain bullet and raise the charge to send it downrange at about 2200 FPS. Next is .458 SOCOM. These are loaded from subsonic 500 grain rock throwers to over 2000 FPS ballistic tipped 325 grain bullets. These have become quite popular with hog hunters and they run on the AR15 platform with little more than a barrel change.

Next is one of the .510 Whispers with a 50 cal BMG API rock stuffed in. 28 grains of H110 powder sends it along its subsonic journey into a hard target. A nice report and big smiles from the shooter erupts.

Last is another 510 with a Lehigh Defense, controlled fracture, payload bullet. These machined brass projectiles have slots cut in for the petals to expand. Also in the nose is a .243 cal ballistic tipped bullet to shift the CG forward to improve flight characteristics.

I'm glad that you appreciated them. I enjoy sorting this stuff out and its nice when someone appreciates it.

Marcel recently posted...300 Blackout for hunting

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