Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This Is So Friggin' Cool!

Figuring out the value of pi using only a pump-action Mossberg and a sheet of aluminum foil. From the Physics arXiv blog
Imagine the following scenario. The end of civilisation has occurred, zombies have taken over the Earth and all access to modern technology has ended. The few survivors suddenly need to know the value of π and, being a mathematician, they turn to you. What do you do? 
If ever you find yourself in this situation, you’ll be glad of the work of Vincent Dumoulin and Félix Thouin at the Université de Montréal in Canada. These guys have worked out how to calculate an approximate value of π using the distribution of pellets from a Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun, which they assume would be widely available in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
Read the whole thing, and be ready! (Hat tip to GunFreeZone)


SiGraybeard said...

Mossberg 500: is there nothing it can't do?

Anonymous said...

Remember when the BBC used to broadcast cryptic phrases to the various underground forces on the Continent fighting the Fascists?...Me neither but I've read about it.

For the last hour somewhere around several hundred thousand (if not a million by some counts) patriots in New York and Connecticut have become Felons. I know of no other time in our history when so many have been branded criminals overnite, save for the "War Between the States".

To these brave freedom fighters, I bid you well. Stand strong and God be with you.