Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Walpurgis Night Warning!!!


Remember, tonight is Walpurgis Night, and even as I write the words the Minions of the Dark Lord are rising from their resting places in the Carpathian Mountains to ride the winds across an unsuspecting, sleeping world!

Me, I hang a bulb of garlic above each doorway, a definite evil undead repeller. Free advice to young people...if you're out and about tonight an a tres-hot member of the opposite sex (or same sex...we're 100% non gender specific here at the Bunker) invites you into a dark alley for "something really special," I'd take a pass if I were you unless you'd like your bloodless, soulless husk to be discovered in the cold grey dawn of May Day.

Still, witches be hot, as this 1880s painting from Luis Falero clearly indicates.

And speaking of AR-15s (the mark of a great writer, BTW, is to seamlessly flow from topic to topic without disturbing the reader's concentration),  listen to today's podcast, where I spend a lot of time on the Ares Defense SCR.


Home on the Range said...

And redhead to boot :-)

Crotalus said...

Wait... Is that "Night on Bald Mountain" i hear?

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