Sunday, June 01, 2014

A Good Sunday!

Spent most of the day assembling bookcases for my office, since I can't do anything until I can get stuff out of boxes and off the floor. Big hi-zoot television executive that i am, I of course bought the bookcases at IKEA. I was even able to assemble them, thanks to the miracle of hammer.

We knocked off at midday to do about an hour on the road ancient Trek OCLV hadn't ben out of the garage in months. A good spin helps distribute all the gunk in my knees to the approrpate nooks and crannies. When we got back from the ride, I did a quick 50-round drill with the GP-100 — 3 cylinders of just smoothly running the trigger (8-inch plate at 12 yards); One cylinder of smoothly running the trigger, plate at 15 yards. A bunch of one-shotdraws at 12 yards, followed by a cylinder full for 2-shots from the draw. I finished up the remaining rounds with "skip drills," maybe the best anti-flinching drill for revolver shooters ever created.

My good friend George Harris sent me a not to remind me to practice the "wall drill," dry-firing with the  muzzle an inch from a light colored wall. Any deviation in a perfect trigger pull is painfully obvious.

Yes, I'll get the BLR pixs tomorrow, right after I hammer together the last bookcase together!
I've never had a range on my property before. It's pretty cool!


JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Congrats on truly having a 'home' range! How much distance ya got?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on having your own range finally. I find mine invaluable when testing things for articles or just new ideas.
I would recommend to your followers that the Wall Drill in it entirity can be seen on the Down Range TV website. Marshall tells me it is one of the most viewed. Some where down the road before we are both too old we ought to do the Bullet Hole Drill, the Reset Drill,the Now Drill which are follow ons to the Wall Drill. We also might want to do the flinch and jerk innoculation drills as an aside so we can at least pass this on before it is too late for me to remember what they were. So much to do and so little time to do it. Give Newt a rub for me.

Anonymous said...

I dream of having a home with a range attached to the property. Some day perhaps
Gerard in CT

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