Sunday, June 22, 2014

Newt in the Tall Grass

Frightening, isn't she???


Anonymous said...

on another topic - the Browning BLR in 223. When you have a moment, can you share photos and a few words on why it is your travel companion?

Many thanks.

I think that the study of hunting rifles-cum-defensive rifles has been lacking, overtaken by the AR/AK design. Just as revolvers are often a better choice for defense, a hunting rifle based solution might be superior in many situations.

Miguel said...

What tall grass Kemosabe? You have forgotten your really TALL Floridian grasses :)

Bill Lester said...

She's a baby doll. Love beagles. I miss my own 13", Buddy.

Matthew said...

Keeping M'bogo out of the yard with 100% success. :)

kmitch200 said...

Looks like she's ready to lick your face off any minute now. Well, as soon as the sniffin' is over...check back in a couple of days. ;)

WV - which pubasev the age old question

Anonymous said...

The Beagle
They look at you like you owe them dog biscuits.

R. Ruark

Matthew said...

Anonymous for the win!

Charlie Foxtrot said...


They make you glad all you have to train are German Shepherds.

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