Saturday, October 11, 2014

Now THIS Is a GUN!

My Sweetie wanted to do some Appleseed practice this afternoon (she did great, BTW), so I thought I would take the JP Rifles GMR-13 9mm carbine along for the ride. I'd been working in the gun room sorting stuff, so I grabbed an old Aimpont Comp4 military red dot and ratcheted on the little carbine. I also took a selection of 9mm ball ammo, including Winchester White Box, Fiocchi and Armscor and a 33-round Glock magazine. Mostly what I wanted to do was see how the carbine ran…the Aimpoint wasn't sighted in but I figured it would be on paper.

We were shooting at 25 meters, the measured Appleseed range, on an IPSC target. I dumped a quick 20 rounds…a little low, but pretty good. I wasn't shooting for groups, just to settle the gun in. I "settled" until I ran out of ammunition, including one 33-round mag dump as fast as I could run the trigger

I was surprised at how well the carbine shot. A JP match barrel is, after all, a JP match barrel. And a 9mm carbine is like running a .22…no recoil to speak of. The JP trigger was, as you might expect, perfect.

You can see the dedicated Glock lower in the lousy picture above. Mags ejected cleanly with the enlarged JP button. The upper is one of JP's left side-cocker, the way God intended ARs to be run. As I've mentioned before on SHOOTING GALLERY, John created the GMR to have the operating feel of an MP-5, the gold standard for submachine guns (hence the side-cocker). I think he succeeded.

So what does one do with a 9mm carbine? This one, my plan is to use it in local 3-Gun competition (and, yes, I may suck it up and shoot a Glock 34…I've got an excellent stock of 17 and 33 round mags). I've got a couple of hundred rounds of Wilson 147-gr 9mm match I want to try in this gun. It's some of the most accurate 9mm ammo I've ever shot. Wilson also has a 125-gr match ammo I'd like to try as well. John says he's pulling 1 1/2-2 MOA groups at 100 yards, which is exceptional for 9mm.

I'll put a Burris MTAC (Warning! Sponsor Alert!) on it to sight it in.

Cliff Notes version…I liked the heck out of this rifle! I can't wait to wring it out.


Anonymous said...

Ok MB you have my total attention now. Could you break down exactly what you ordered and had done to this gun.

Please and thank you

Rastus said...

If you think there is any merit to it, it would be nice to have a 1 x 6 with a 42MM+/-objective....I have a 1.5 x 6 with the 42MM MTAC on a DMR. Though workable the 1.5 magnification does tend to slow a guy down on close targets. I'm running 18" barrel on the AR and I passed on the 1 x 4 x 24 MM because it doesn't gather enough light for me...smaller, more nimble yes. The 42 mm objective on the DMR at 300 yards at dark is bang-bang-bang on steel before the sound get's back (ok..maybe bang-bang before the 1st pop on target).

So yes, the big dot and circles work well for me up close...they'd work better at 1.0 magnification and this price point is great. It gets me what I want (well, right on the edge) at a good price. I ran the DMR with the 1.5 x 6 MTAC at Red River last year in a Larry Vickers class. It was flawless and gave me an overall edge since we shot from 5 yards to 300 yards.

So....Mr. Bane...ponder this and if you think having a 1 x 6 or so magnification that gathers extra light is a good idea pass it on to the good people at Burris so I can buy another scope from them.

Vince Warde said...

No pics of your sweetie's .22 AR or her targets. I'm disappointed. :)

Best wishes to her as she goes for her rifleman patch!

Michael Bane said...

Didn't spec this gun out separately...this is the gun sold by JP.

Rastas, I'd like to have a 1x6 (or, dare I say it, a 1x8) at a sane price, especially as my Sweetie snagged the Swarovski 1x6 for the 3-Gun rifle. I have the 1.5x6 Burris, and I think it's a pretty good scope, but I'll probably go with the 1x4 on the 9mm.

Vince, my Sweetie is shooting the Spike's Tactical/JP Rifle .22 with an ancient Pride/Fowler 3x9 .22 scope we built a few years back for SG...IT's the gun I got my Rifleman's patch with. If it's not the best .22 AR on earth, it's close. As to a picture of my Sweetie, HA! She'd kill me!


Jeff said...

Now THAT is a POPgun.

Here is a good use for it:

Anonymous said...

"So what does one do with a 9mm carbine?"

Properly set up, it makes an a**-kicking home defense arm for a nonenthusiast, small statured, and/or recoil adverse user.

Even if a centerfire handgun might be "too much" for a given user, a 9mm carbine frequently is not.

Reader, I'm telling you, with a nice, light, pistol-caliber AR or a CX4 Storm, topped with a decent red dot, your aunt/cousin/whatever can GO TO TOWN. It'll amaze you.
BTW most modern 9mm quality defense flies out of these things at lowish .357 Magnum handgun energies. Not bad.

I think it's great that MB takes time to talk about these guns every so often.