Saturday, June 20, 2015

I Am Profoundly Tired of This Crap

So President Nine Iron bloviates:
“It’s not because there aren’t violent people or racist people or crazy people in other countries; it’s that a 21-year-old kid can’t just walk in and buy a firearm and, oftentimes, through gun shows, avoid background checks, and then act on this hatred,” he said. “And we’ve got to change that, and it’s not enough for us to express sympathy — we have to take action.”
That would be like the same 21-year-old "kids" that you and George Bush threw away on worthless wars? The same 21-year-old "kids" that keep your ass safe day in and day out? The same 21-year-old "kids" running multi-million dollar military hardware; hell, probably the same 21-year-old "kids" flying the killer drones you love so well?

One lunatic, or even 10 lunatics, doesn't indict everyone else in the country. LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT…if a whole bunch of Islamic whackos kill, behead, torture, rape, pillage  destroy holy sites, sell women into slavery, send snuff videos out to the whole world and vow to kill every single one of us, it is OF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE that we DON'T BLAME ALL MUSLIMS for the barbaric actions of a few.

Yet if a single white lunatic acts out his sick fantasies, we should IMMEDIATELY blame:

• All gun owners
• All white people
• All young people
• Everyone in the South
• Donald Trump
• Fox News
• Republicans
• Rand Paul

What the HELL is wrong with those ass clown?


nj larry said...

MB now maybe you will think me crazy...but nothing is wrong with Nine Iron. It would be like asking WHAT IS WRONG with the rattlesnake who just bit you while you're on a pleasant afternoon stroll thru the meadow. It is just his nature. It is what he was born for. President Nine Iron was trained from birth as a dyed in wool communist and hater of all things American. He is doing what is his nature. Half of America voted for him. TWICE. My question is, what the hell is wrong with this country ?

Michael Bane said...

Amen, Larry!

Sheepdog1968 said...

How many days till we get a new president? I still miss Ronald Reagan. I'm not sure I've been very happy with any of them since.

Maluka said...


As of 21 June 2015 we have 578 days until that commie muslim leaves office. The days can not go fast enough for America.

Anonymous said...

Let me respond to all of you that think that Obama was "elected by half of America-TWICE". Obama WAS NOT ELECTED! He was selected by the neo-communist "neo-conservative" junta that has ruled America for generations. The "agenda" that Obama and our current de-facto one party system have been ordered to implement by that ruling Junta , will continue to be implemented no matter WHO sits in the white house. The "Vote" at the federal level and often at the state level is rigged on the orders of that junta to "elect" whoever will advance the agenda. The only "vote" that anyone can still cast in Amerika that will "change" ANYTHING is setting in your gun safe. But please feel free to sit around and bitch while "everything go's to hell". Like the phony "vote" it allows you to feel "free" while never actually having to work to maintain or in the case of "amerika the communist" REGAIN your actual and rightful liberty.---Ray

Anonymous said...

Never let a crisis go to waste.
Remember that ?
How about, "All political power comes from the barrel of a gun" ?
100 million of us have them yet we still need to fight to protect our rights ?
Don't Americans have ANY spine left ?
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Michael Bane, Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I suppose Ole Nine Iron would rather have those poor souls killed the way they do it in his homeland,Machetes are so much more civilized.But it's not just him,it's this whole PC Shit that is going to finish off this country.And all the nasty little fascists that subscribe to this crap,are all paving the way to extinction.I feel sorry for the children of today that will never know true freedom,since we all really don't know true freedom any way.True freedom has been lost for more any of us have been alive.The only way back is a dirty bit of business and I doubt enough would have the stomach for it.But I do believe there will be pockets of freedom once this country tears itself apart and that is what I think is coming.JMHO.

Anonymous said...


I don't have TV where I am, but I will say Great podcast, Great blog. You are a patriot.

FYI, you want to change "Yet it a single white lunatic" to "Yet if a single white lunatic". Just change "it" to "if".

Keep broadcasting.


Anonymous said...

I have a question for the man appearing on the podcast called "WTF" spewing his overall hate and accusations against white America:

"Mr. president (used lower case by intent) - how is it that one of your supporter Louis Farakhan and his nation of islam - can preach and demand from his congregants to 'kill' all white people they can find and run into which one of his followers took so serious that he assassinated two NY police officers the next day? Is that not a hate crime - continuously since 2008 when you were elected? How is it that your justice dept. does not investigate this hoodlum Farrakhan as a racist violating the civil rights of white americans?
How is that another group of your supporters 'the black panther party led by malik Shabazz - setting a thousands of dollars bounty on white americans if they are killed? Is that not a hate crime?
How is it that Maj Hassan in Texas - the radical muslim serving in the Armed Forces - mowes down and killing our uniformed personnel on the base while injuring others while screaming 'alluh akbar' - the jihadist battle car when killing infidels yet - you labeled it a 'workplace violence' rather than a terrorist denying military personnel financial assistance and deserved metals? Was that not a hate crime?
How is it that your supporters - the outfit called SPLC - can list 'Christian orgs and Christians in general as terrorists - causing one of your and their supporters showing up at the Family Research Org and start shooting at people because of your supporters actions? Is that not a hate crime?

How is it - that every time one of these 'manmade' shootings there happens to be always a 'life fire drill' by the National Guard. How is it that a high school dropout had a FB page although unused but out of 80 friends listed - 80% were black American friends? How is it that this 'mysterious' and 'manifesto' website - which was created in Feb 2015 had highly privacy settings, unknown to anyone while the manifesto was supposedly written by a high school dropout did not get uploaded after the shooting as well as privacy setting removed and voila - a website? How is it that this kid Roof was - as all others supposedly committing mass shootings - on a potent psychotic drug that alters reality, mind and perception? How is it that the supposedly grainy video of Roof sitting in the Bible meeting was uploaded 2 days after the shooting but a woman that was supposedly killed by Roof? How is it that this senator/minister just so happen to have 9 Bible readers/study present which and including the minister 9 were killed and one left alive to tell the story?

I'm sure that of of you remember all these cases I listed, something is very amiss, the racial riots have been organized by this administration, SPLC and Soros is the one paying all these looters, rioters and burn, kill, loot and dstroy.

Joe Lovell said...

Oh, quit beating around the bush and tell us what you really think!


And BLESS YOU for a captcha that I can read!