Monday, October 05, 2015

FINALLY, A Home Improvement I Can Get Into!!!!

Yep, one full gallon of whoop-ass Glock trigger from the guys at Apex Tactical! The magicians of the S&W M&P trigger have turned their substantial home improvement skills on Austrian plastic. More pixs tomorrow, and an exclusive interview with Scott Folk and Paul Erhardt from Apex.

This comes at a PERFECT time for me, as I'm going through a Glockian phase. My 34 has a GlockTriggers Edge; my 26 slated for an SI "Tactical" and 2 dead stock G19s just crying out for the Apex treatment!


_DonWorshan_ said...

Can't wait to hear your comparison of the 3 trigger groups. I may want to invest in one. The only work I've done to my G26/G17s is the Ghost Connector. Oh, and the Pincus rear sight. My G42 and G43 have no mods but the G43 will get the Pincus rear sight as soon as I get off my duff and install it.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder...from listening to the podcasts, you seem to have fits with your Glocks and making them work for you. With so many other choices out there - and in your safe - why bother? The Glock is a fine weapon, but it is not right for everyone, no?


Michael Bane said...

Andy…I have this sort of love/hate relationship with Glocks. I've been shooting them since they first came into the country (ask me to tell you why you should never say "literally" to me, as in, "You can literally throw this gun into that concrete wall and nothing will happen." Like, mistake). I have owned a bunch of Glocks over the years. One of my best friends in the whole world is an executive for Glock. Mr. Glock once personally asked me to stop referring to his guns as "dishwater safe." And yet, I've never shot them for shit.

Except…except…there have been moments of brilliance, when the gun and I just clicked. There have been times when I shot my G34 as well as I've ever shot a pistol, including my baseline STI or my old Wilson Master Grade .45. It annoys me that I can't make the gun run 100% of what is capable. I feel like there is something wrong with me as a shooter and an instructor that I can't get a handle on the Glock. Example…I had to sub for one of my instructors in the old NSSF Media Education Program…he gave me his H-K .40, which I had never even touched…no trouble at all. Class went great. I've taught with 1911s, CZs, various revolvers, Ruger semi autos…but me and the Glock have issues.

I feel like if I can get a grip on Glocks, it would take me to a different level as a shooter. I'm a certified Glock armorer, once shot one of the best matches I've ever shot with a Glock mini 10mm and as a martial artist have thrown a LOT of 2 finger punches (1911 = traditional 4 finger fist; Glock = 2-finger martial arts punch).

Either that, or I'm completely and totally full of crap!


Anonymous said...

Do you find the gen4 glocks easier to grip? I've found the large frame gen4s (g20, g21) vastly more comfortable than gen3 g20/21 for example.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

My only Glock is a 1st gen G-17, bought when John McLain was tellin' us they didn't show on airport detectors in "Die Bard 2". Bone stock, still chugging along, only ammo it's choked on was some verdigris covered Egyptian ball, lots of malf drills. (It was free, who cares?)

Anonymous said...

The county issued me a G22 twenty plus years ago and they keep handing me a newer version every five years or so. Have never failed a quarterly qual. Let me rephrase that....I pass my quarterly quals with flying colors, with little effort. To me, the G22 was perfect for me since the first shot. Perfect for me, maybe not for others for what ever reason.

My 28 year old daughter wanted a new hand gat for her recent birthday. We took a dozen pistols to the range for a tryout and she settled on a 4" Springfield XD. She disliked the ergonomics of the Glock.

If I want to get the first and subsequent rounds center of available mass quickly, it's got to be the .40 cal Glock 22. My 1911s feel odd to me now a days. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Is our dear Lisa Farrell still with Apex ?
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Anonymous said...

Henry Ford said it best:

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right."

; )

Life Member

Sheepdog1968 said...

I think the interesting question Michael is how many pistols do you own that have stock factory triggers. :-)

By the way, recently I got tom try an aftermarket trigger in a Glock (whichever one makes the red trigger). Wow. I was very impressed. I think even Jeff Cooper would have liked that trigger in that Glock.

Per Ayoob and Hayes, I tend to keep mine stock in firearms that serve a self defense role.

Anonymous said...

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Michael Bane said...

Sheepdog….awwwwwwwwwww, that is actually funny!!!

Ironically, I have a baseline for testing striker-fired pistol triggers, and I think you're going to be surprised:

The Ruger LC9s

The trigger in my personal LC9s is the single best striker-fired trigger I have ever used. And I have shot some of the more famous competitors' personal guns as well as all the other striker-fired pistols. I would put the out-of-the-box Ruger against the Apex M&P triggers, which are the standard against which others are judged. The only equal trigger I've felt is the one on Gabe Suarez' personal Glock. That is a trigger that would make Col. Cooper smile.

Two other data points:

• There seems to me to be a greater variation in trigger pulls on striker-fired guns that the current iteration of DA/SA, DAO or,heaven help us, even 1911s. (probably due to decades of competition dining). Srriker fired triggers are fort of like AR triggers…they're so easy to replace there's an assumption the heavier user is going to do that ASAP.

• It's probably mostly in your head, anyway. A few years back me and Dave Spaulding went through the GUNSITE 250/350 class with out of the box Ruger SR9 9mms with triggers that might charitably described as "stock." We shot to almost exactly the same level as the times we'd done the 250 with 1911s with beautifully tuned triggers, essentially full blown custom guns.

One thing I came to believe when I was shooting competitively intensively and later proven to my own satisfaction when I ran the NSSF Media Education Program was that newer shooters benefited the most from a really good trigger, because it helped them achieve that more perfect trigger press. A top of the line shooter adapts to the machine.

The function of a really good trigger is to removed variation in the system…it will help you, but in the end it's rounds downrange!


Anonymous said...

I am reminded here of:

(the)law of di·min·ish·ing re·turns. NOUN

1.the principle that a continual increase in effort or investment does not lead to a continual increase in output or results

; )

As a hot-rodder and shooter, over my many years, I have come to embrace this principle before moving forward with "the best thing to ever come along".

My alternative? Focus on the human element. That is where the greatest opportunities lie. Then, practice, practice, practice.

Life Member

Will said...

Does your wrist reach maximum tilt limit when you line up the sights on a Glock?

I've wondered if that might be a factor behind various complaints I've heard over the years about shooting Glocks. When I first noticed it, I thought that it might have been behind Glocks' decision to pick that particular grip angle. It does seem to take out a noticeable amount of muzzle wobble from the few people I've closely observed shooting it. The potential downside might be a variable interaction with finger manipulations, such as triggers, especially with our aging joints and and associated tissues.

Michael Bane said...

Will…you're onto something there. I noticed an odd thing…if I shot the Glock by transmorgifying myself back to 1973 and shooting with my left index finger wrapped around the (square) trigger guard, and the sights were right there. I need to wiork this through!


Pathfinder said...

Replacement trigger comparisons - that's cute.

Just buy a Sig and fuggedaboutit!

For the record, I have replaced my AR triggers, cuz, well, AR triggers.

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