Saturday, October 17, 2015

No Really…It's Not Me!

From the Telegraph:

Who's a pretty boy then? Man cuts off his ears to look like a parrot 
Ted Richards, 56, has already had his face and eyeballs tattooed, next he wants a surgeon to turn his nose into a beak.
Oh, you are so not getting a cracker from me! I love my parrots, except on the occasions when I consider  barbecued macaw, but even though I am a self-identified llama, I've never actually wanted hooves…well, perhaps that's a personal failing.

Sorry for the absence…been a dreadfully busy week! I had crews all over the country filming on multiple series. Everything went off perfectly! I am so lucky to work with guys like John Carter and Jeff Murray and such a great group of people. Thank you all for covering my sorry ass!

For the first time since the surgery, I worked filming Friday and Saturday. Friday we filmed all day with suppressors, thanks to Jeremy Mallette from the Silencer Shop. It was great fun, and I was blown away by the Silencer Shop's software system for making silencer purchases easy [WARNING: Silencer Shop is a sponsor! But I believe so much in their system I'll be doing direct plugs on the podcast…the first time I'm ever done that….and no, I'm not being paid directly for that!]. Their system is a HUGE step forward!

After Friday, I am also SOLD on the Sig MCX 5.56, especially suppressed (we were using a YHM Phantom suppressor rather than a Sig, but I will be ordering a Sig SRD next week. Didn't notice the trigger as much running the gun (although I barely got to run it!), but I still think there's still a Geissele Super 3-Gun solution in this rifle's future. Definitely my 3-Gun rifle for next season (note optimism). Yesterday we were using the supplied irons, but today I went  to a new Trijicon MRO…more on that later, but initially extremely positive. Used the lower third BUIS co-witness height mount, but may go to full co-witness. Will have to try it both ways.

In truth, I probably overdid it Friday…the most frustrating thing to me right now is how easily I get exhausted. Friday night was painful. Today we kept it a lot more moderate, so I don't feel as if I was run over by a train. Funny story though….my producer today used to produce for Animal Planet, so he knows Colorado flora and fauna. We were walking down one of the only flat paths on Bunker property, which runs past some dense bushes and rocks, when we both heard the telltale buzz and both of us just froze. We moved VERY SLOWLY backward until the buzzing stopped…definitely not a bullsnake imitating a rattler! My Sweetie stepped into the house and returned with the 870 new broom that swept clean.

Friday I also got a chance to shoot one of my favorite guns in the world. Remember when I built up the stainless  Ruger Mark III for NSSF Rimfire? I added a Tac-Sol 6-inch threaded barrel, then I handed the gun over the Dino at Majestic Arms, who did (dare I say it?) a majestic job on the Ruger/Tac-Sol. Dino is a great undiscovered treasure for .22 Ruger owners. His magazines with aluminum baseplates are perfect and wood grips just beautiful!  I absolutely loved the gun! Then we made an editorial decision to shoot and film the match in Idaho in the soon-to-be-discontnued "Manual" class with a revolver and bolt action rifle.

Friday I put rounds through it with a Tac-Sol suppressor…I have been privileged to have a lot of .22 pistols in my life, and I truly believe this is the most perfect .22 pistol I've ever shot. You'll see more of it on Marshal's and my new Internet project. It's sort of weird to "rediscover" a gun...I set it aside when we went to a revolver for the show, and I haven't been on top of rimfire for a few months. I'd love to see NSSF open the competition to suppressed guns! It makes a lot of sense, especially for a competition that reaches out to juniors and families!


Anonymous said...

I have enough trouble getting them to register my shots when I shoot an unsuppressed .22LR rifle. I would never get through a stage with a silencer.

Not Available said...
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Anonymous said...

Would a lever action count in the manual class for the rimfire? I know how hard it would be to twist your arm to get a lever action 22.

_Don Worsham_ said...

Michael, I know you have to make a living, but don't over do it. I'd like to see you at the next NRA Meeting kemosabee.

kmitch200 said...

People who don't have/never had chronic pain don't know how exhausting it is.
Most people who HAVE chronic pain don't realize how exhausting it is.

Once you get to the phase of "Every Day Is An Improvement Over Yesterday", with your replacement, it will be so cool to NOT have to pay the price with ice packs, NSAIDS, pain meds, etc.
That's a ways off yet but closer than you think! :)

Michael Bane said...

True enough, kmitch..lotta months between here and there, but I am getting better every day…


Pathfinder said...

Like the looks of the Sig SRD556, relatively inexpensive for a suppressor. Nice.

MB, I'm 6+ weeks out of knee surgery, and I STILL get tired at the end of the day. Yesterday, I had a workout with my trainer at 8AM, and physical therapy in the afternoon - by 7:30PM I could barely walk and that with a limp, plus I went to bed before 9!

BUT, that said, I got 131 degree bend in the knee yesterday, and the PT guy cut me back to 1 trip per week, so that's improvement. And that is what really matters - the daily improvements, no matter how small.

With the damage you did, GO EASY! Or at least easier. As Don said, I want to see you (and Don and any of the other DRTV folks) at the NRA show down the road here in Louisville next May.

alicetaylor123 said...

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