Friday, January 01, 2016

HAPPY NEW YEAR…and CT Makes It a Little Happier!


The big gun news you're going to be reading about next week when all the usual suspects manage to clear their heads after the New Year's libations will be Crimson Trace's revolutionary wireless light/laser platform for the AR. The LiNQ system is a way of porting the "instinctive activation" found in Crimson Trace LaserGrips to ARs through an innovative wireless link between the pistol grip and the forward mounted light/laser.

From the presser:
The LiNQ’s (LNQ-100) leading feature is a replaceable AR/MSR style compatible pistol grip that houses the system’s control panel and operating battery. That grip communicates with the rail-mounted, or remotely located, module without the use of wires or difficult-to-find sensor pads. This industry-first innovation follows other ground-breaking products manufactured and released across the past two decades by Wilsonville, Oregon based Crimson Trace.

When the LiNQ module and grip are actively communicating—and linked—via a secure Crimson Trace developed interfacing wireless network, a solid green light on the grip’s side panel constantly illuminates. If the grip is searching for the partner light/laser module, the user will see a flashing green light. If the control grip has lost connectivity with the laser/light module, there will be a constant red light on the grip’s side panel. These indicators are easy to see, and the operation buttons are easy to feel. The grip is designed for easy operation without having to stop and look downward.

The output light/laser module is similar to Crimson Trace’s popular Rail Master Pro units. Adding to the innovation features are an activation button located on the back of the remote module that permits use of the laser and lights without the control grip installed on the firearm—or located within communication range. This laser/light module provides these operation options: 
*Light and laser together
*Laser only (red and green laser models will be available)
*Light only (the innovative LED light has a 300-lumen output)
*Laser and strobe/pulsing light
I went to CT's Wilsonville, OR's offices in mid-December to work with the prototype units, and it is an extremely impressive set-up. Finally, an end to lost pressure switches, torn wires or awkward switches!

We filmed extensively for SHOOTING GALLERY, and you'll see it this season.

LiNQ works exactly as billed, with no training transition for shooters used to LaserGrips or the other CT "instinctive activation" laser or white light modules. One of the things I found on the range with the LiNQ on a superb JR Rifles GMR-13 9mm (with both CT and JP logos…cool) was the ability to use the AR more easily in "broken" or awkward positions, because you don't have to use your off-side hand to turn on/off the light or laser. 

I'll be writing more and, of course, you'll see the comprehensive report in a few weeks on SG. Here's some more from the presser:
The control grip and modules have been rigorously laboratory- and field-tested for possible interruptions and communication challenges. The LiNQ system easily and quickly fits onto nearly any standard AR/MSR platform rifle commercially sold today. The operating grip attachment process requires removing the old long gun grip, installing the new Crimson Trace LiNQ grip in its place, and then inserting the securing screw. It’s that simple. All necessary wrenches are provided. The units have also passed numerous drop, dust and moisture tests. 
The forward light/laser module will attach securely to standard M-1913 Picatinny Rails and Weaver style rails. This unit can also be activated and operated with the easy-to-operate Crimson Trace Instant Activation button.
I'm going to call this a must-have AR accessory, and the house AR will have one as soon as they become available (probably mid-year). Here's the really amazing thing…$549 MSRP. 


David said...

Sounds like a great system...look forward to checking it out at the NRAAM (not going to SHOT).

Anonymous said...

So, now, we have a system that the government can disable with an "RF" signal?

; )

Life Member

Moosejaw said...

I saw the headline in my email and thought "how can a state like CT make anything better after their draconian laws". Then "Oh.....Crimson Trace.......never mind "

Anonymous said...

Generally I don't like the idea of wireless on things my life could depend upon. However, I'll reserve judgement until I can see this thing.

Sasquatch said...

One more thing to go wrong, when you need everything to go right.

Magnus Eunson said...

I'm wondering why the handgrip on my rifle would not activate the light on my ranger buddy's rifle if we were lying next to each other or standing next to each other during a firefight. Perhaps when the grip and light module pair, it connects with some type of unique code, similar to a PL tone (I said, similar, obviously it is NOT a PL tone...)

In terms of .gov turning off your light/laser or the system going down during a fight, it sounds like you can still use the buttons on the light module itself.

kmitch200 said...

Does anyone think a glowing or blinking light on your rifle grip is a good thing?

If there is a light on, I want it to be illuminating a target or projecting a laser dot. If not, I want all lights OFF.

JakeLonergan said...

I'm not saying it is but the concept is similar so I will quote Dr. Sheldon Cooper, "Everything's better with Bluetooth."

Unknown said...

Are you and I tunes fighting?
I have not been able to get the newest shows to show up on I tunes.

Unknown said...

Meh - what's CT planning to charge for $5.00 worth of circuitry, probably adapted from a $10.00 chinese drone toy? At least it's CT though - if it was an integrated system sold by Sure-Fire, you'd have to refinance your house to buy the entry-level version.