Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Some More Thoughts...

…from Facebook. I linked to Kurt Schlichter's article on Townhall:
So what have we learned about ourselves? Maybe that many of us are snobs. There's a lot of class warfare going on here, a lot of backroom snark, with a lot of conservatives who want to believe that the only people who could ever support Donald Trump are knuckle-dragging morons who can't cut it when it comes to anything besides digging ditches. Too many of us choose cultural solidarity with the liberals we live among over political solidarity with the people we expected to vote with us. 
“Gosh,” we tell ourselves. “These people can’t even see what’s in their own best interest.” Except maybe they don’t like what they see. Maybe it’s because they decided we aren’t worth listening to. Maybe they don’t like us conservatives. And maybe we better figure out how to fix that instead of whining.
Read the whole thing.

I think this is a brilliant analysis. I like to think I've been on both ends of the "conservative" spectrum. I've lived in New York City among the elites -- the elite of the elite, the media (or so we thought). I witnessed firsthand the contempt with which they, and I'm embarrasses to say, I, viewed Flyover Country, the place I'd come from and, as I would eventually learn, the place I belonged.

The irony was that my friends went through amazing conniptions to separate the "good peckerheads" from the "hillbilly trash." Texas, especially Austin, was declared Occupied Territory, the home of cool people rather than…Texans. Nashville was, well, embarrassing…I mean, those rhinestone suits! Those big boat-like Lincoln Continentals...

Then one morning I woke up, looked around at my very successful celebrity journalism career — as my friend Hank Williams Jr. said, "I have seen my name at the top of the page" — and I left. Collapsed my career pretty much, but I figured if I'd built it up once, I could build it up again.

Moved to Florida, worked like a dog and took up something called "combat shooting." I'd always been a shooter; that's the way it works when you grow up in Tennessee. Shotgun at 6 years old; handgun at 12; whitetail hunting ASAP. But I'd left it behind when I moved to the City. Ironically, I missed it more than I thought I would. I applied for a permit to keep a handgun in my apartment in NYC and was ultimately turned down because I refused to pony up the $500 "unofficial cash tax, and we don't give no receipts neither!" to the cop in the basement of One Police Plaza.

When I moved out to Long Island to finish 2 book projects away from the clubs and the nightlife of Manhattan, I discovered a shooting range, where I began shooting bullseye with borrowed guns. Bought a small truck, finished the books, and started driving South. My favorite comment was fron a photograher friend of mine, himself from North Carolina, "You can't leave! You've adjusted so well!" Apparently not well enough...

I moved South, then West, to increasingly smaller towns. Shooting and competition became a bigger and bigger part of my life. More importantly, I figured out who "my people" were, and, of course, they were the same ones I started with. I am a son of Tennessee, unashamedly what some would call "white trash;" I have worked 40 hour weeks in factories and done hard manual labor in the blistering sun. I am not afraid or ashamed of work: I have called men and women of all colors, religions and gender identities my friends, but I don't give a tinker's damn about "diversiity;" I've worked side by side with illegals…nothing aginst them, but if I'm forced to play by the rules, and so should they. That's not a political statement; that is the heartfelt truth.

I'm sorry your ancestors had the misfortune to be slaves. So did mine, and it no doubt sucked as much for them and it did for your ancestors. And while I honor their struggle, they are dust and have no more to do with my life than the brainless talking heads of television news. I am a little tired of being the only racial/ethnic group that it's safe to slur, to discriminate against, to spit on. You should probably consider that before your next big BLM rally.

I admire John Wayne and Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Ronald Reagan. I wouldn't piss on Al Sharpton if he was on fire. I despise the Democratic Party for pretending they are not the Socialist Workers Party of America, and I despise the Republicans for their gutlessness and their willingness to throw us all under the bus to protect their dacha by the lake.

I carry a gun every day, and God help you if you try and take it away from me.

You should have listened to me, and the rest of us hillbilly white trash snake-handling deer-hunting funny talking clingers.

And we're not done talking. Think about it.


Secesh said...

Damn right!

NJ Larry said...

Folks just have to see Dinesh D'Souza's film Hillary's America. It is a documentary that will stun all the youngin's out there. It will reaffirm what others know. The forces of evil are among us. This election is about a fight for our lives and souls.

Mike I said...

Right on, rock on.

KevinC said...

In the late 50's, William F. Buckley of National Review wrote a brilliant piece denouncing the lunatic fringe of conservativism and setting the stage from Goldwater and Reagan to take us back into the mainstream. Unfortunately, since then, the movement has been dominated by people with little, if any, connection to life outside of the BosWash corridor, and we're seeing the results of such things.

I don't want a return to the John Birch days, but I don't want the GOP to become the party of George Will, either.

David said...

Well said. I figured out a while ago that most of the "NeverTrump" crowd looks down upon those of us who are putting freedom above ego. And, I don't care anymore. I don't even dislike them, it's their choice.

But then again, I know who they are, and they probably won't be welcome in my shelter when it goes south.

Anonymous said...

As a "right-wing, gun and religion clinger", I will point out a very big difference between the extreme "right" and the extreme "left". On the right, those folks, (us) want to keep what is theirs, what they worked hard for and they want to be left alone. On the "left", they want what everybody else has, especially the things those on the "right" have and they want to get it by doing nothing other than taking it AND they DON'T want to leave YOU alone. Those on the "right" are charitable and compassionate with THERIR money. Those on the "left" are charitable and compassionate with YOUR money. That includes not only taking the fruits of your labor, but your freedom too.

So, I take a very dim view of anyone that somehow wants to equate my values with those at the opposite ends of the political and sociological spectrums, as some alleged conservative commentators often try to do; e. g.: Bill O'Reilly. They want to suggest that the "opposites" offset each other. They do not. Notice that there has never been any commentary here talking about taking anything from the "left". We always discuss preserving what is ours AND that IS NOT at the expense of anyone else.

The common ground that causes problems for everyone between all political classes is personal greed and envy. Personal greed also includes ones feelings of self-worth. That's where elitism comes in.

Life Member

Unknown said...

I second the motion for people to see Hillary's America! I think anyone voting in the 2016 elections should see it.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to haw many of us are given pause yet, as to the stability of our standard bearer.

Steve Raher said...

Kurt Schlichter's article has apparently been taken down. Your link goes to townhall's "Page not found" screen. Searching townhall for "Schlichter" lists an article dated August 1, but clicking on THEIR link gets the "Page not found." :-(

Never Hilliary/Never Trump said...

Why does it seem more and more in this election we are being faced with the choice of picking either Stalin or Hitler as president? And the really bad thing is I have my side screaming at me " Dont you see how bad Stalin is!!! You HAVE to vote for Hitler!!" Sorry folks they are both horrible choices.
Both sides are so blinded by their hatred of the other candidate that they refuse to look at all the problems with there own candidate.
Lets stop wasting our time with these two ass-clowns and start concentrating on things that actually matter. Start looking at senate and congress races and support candidates that will actually support the Constitution to counter balance the prez. Look at local elections especially county Sheriff. In the end when things fall apart your local leaders will have far more impact on your life then which ever idiot is in the white house.
And finally Michael Bane, I love your podcast and have been listening for many years but how about not vilifying anyone how dares to not kiss the ring of Herr Trump? Believe or not disliking Trump does not automatically make you some political elitist looking down their nose at the "little people".

Anonymous said...

Never Hillary/Never Trump,

So what do you advocate?

The choice IS clear to me. And to refer to Trump as either Stalin, or Hitler, please explain. My family was murdered by Lenin, before Stalin could even get his hands on them. I'm just not seeing your connection to Trump there. I do see what the left and Hillary stands for as exactly what Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin stood for. I also see the flocks of "useful idiots" blindly supporting her. How this administration plans to "transform" the rest of our country is also clear to me. I'm basing my assessment on actual actions. I am not seeing the same with Trump.

What can you advise there? I'd appreciate examples to better help my thinking.

Life Member

David said...

If your fear of Trump is based on fear of a tyrannical president with unchecked power...

President Clinton will have 100% of the Democrats in support, half the GOP, and a compliant media to cover her tracks. She'll get whatever she wants.

President Trump will be opposed by 100% of the Democrats, half the GOP, and the media will be up his ass with a microscope every minute of every day. He'll face greater scrutiny and stiffer opposition than any president in the last 100 years.

So if you want to keep a Stalin or Hitler out of the Oval Office, Trump's your guy.

Anonymous said...

And there's this:


Will their uniforms be the landing-spot for "that" symbol unveiled in the 2008 election?

I haven't heard Trump talk about this. How about it "Never Hillary/Never Trump"?

Never Hilliary/Never Trump said...

From Psychology Today article "The Mind of a Dictator"
"So, what binds dictators across history and geography? What traits do they share? To begin with, let's examine the general characteristics of psychopaths. They are usually charming, charismatic, and intelligent. They brim with self-confidence and independence, and exude sexual energy. They are also extremely self-absorbed, masterful liars, compassionless, often sadistic, and possess a boundless appetite for power. These are just a few of the character traits present in a genuine psychopath."
All traits Trump shares if you care to objectively look at his life, but hardcore Trump supporters will ignore this just like the Hillary supporters ignore Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation.
Sorry but The history of Narcissistic ego maniac leaders would suggest things will not end well for us if Trump is elected, Just like they will not end well if Hillary is elected.

sheepdog1968 said...

Hi Michael,
Completely unrelated to your post. I found a doppelganger style blog like yours. Thought you might find it curious. There is even somewhat of a connection to your interests. In this alternate universe blog, it is a woodworker who makes musical instruments such as guitars. Enjoy.


James Trudeau said...

So you've come to expect Hilary to win then. Good. Stop wasting your time on the presidential election and start pointing out who the progun politicians are in the house and senate so we can make sure they get in to block Hilary's agenda.

Anonymous said...

Ok Never Hillary/Never Trump,

What do YOU recommend that we do? Or are you just another Democrat "seminar" blogger sent here to push us off the Trump solution?

I think that I know the answer already.

REAL Patriot.

Anonymous said...

Never Hillary/never trumps game is demoralization.

Never Hilliary/Never Trump said...

REAL Patriot - Thank you for proving my point about Trump supporters not listening to anyone and dismissing any one with a differing opinion as either some leftist "plant" or an elitist establishment republican.
By the way a REAL Patriot would use logic and reason to make there decisions not blind folded fear as you do. A REAL Patriot would not escape one tyrant by running into the arms of another.

To quote a TRUE real patriot...
“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
― Samuel Adams

Anonymous said...

Never Hillary/Never Trump,

You still haven't revealed your solution. We can't wait to hear it. Show us your logic and reason. Give us examples. So far, all you've done was tell us we're all wrong. Tell us why. How do you fix this all?

Real Patriot

Never Hilliary/Never Trump said...

Guess you didnt bother to look at my first post...here it is again

"Lets stop wasting our time with these two ass-clowns and start concentrating on things that actually matter. Start looking at senate and congress races and support candidates that will actually support the Constitution to counter balance the prez. Look at local elections especially county Sheriff. In the end when things fall apart your local leaders will have far more impact on your life then which ever idiot is in the white house."

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the error the Trump fans are making is that their "reasoning" comes across as very abrasive. They seem to be trying to emulate Trump's impersonation of a raging hemorrhoid. Is that how you normally win friends and influence people? Have you ever been convinced of seeing someone else's point because they were a jerk? Don't be surprised if other people ignore you.

I offer an alternate suggestion: Follow Patrick Swayze's advice from "Roadhouse", which is "...be nice until it's time to not be nice." You have time to be nice. The election is still 3 months away. Use reason and logic.

If somebody says they have principles, don't mock them. Find out what those principles are and speak to those concerns. If someone says they are interested in voting for Johnson, find out why. Ask them how they feel about Weld's (the Libertarian VP candidate) anti-gun views. Ask them about Johnson's recent statements concerning religious freedom. (He feels that people shouldn't be trusted to exercise their religion w/o gov't oversight.) Both are rater anti-Libertarian viewpoints. In what universe does that square with Libertarian principles?

L/libertarians aren't Republicans, so appeals to party unity won't work. Telling them to fall in line like good little socialists won't work. They have honest concerns. Address these. It's no different than bringing an anti-gunner around. It takes time, but you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

My two cents as a libertarian...

Anonymous said...

Michael Bane-
Brilliant, thought provoking article on Trump. Hope you read it


Anonymous said...

...[A] REAL Patriot would use logic and reason to make there(sic) decisions.

Politics is concerned with winning allies, not arguments. Michael--a gun rights advocate--has persuaded me to vote Republican this year based on his personal interactions with the Trump family.

I do not know much about Donald Trump but I have followed this blog for several years. Michael is not a Judas goat and his endorsement is a good indicator of Trump's 2A sympathies. MALTHUS

NJ Larry said...

Whilst everyone is freaking out .... A reminder from the NSSF to book rooms for SHOT SHOW came in my inbox. Seems the hotels are pretty much booked....I don't go to the SHOT SHOW, but I infrequently go to the NRA Annual Meeting. It promoted me to jump over to the NRA AM website and see if I could book a close hotel for Atlanta... Damn...I just made it. Within walking distance of the GWCC. Sooo....if anyone is going to SHOT or the NRA AM get on the stick...

P.S. Both these events will either be like a funeral or a celebration... LOL

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:19 am. Interesting and valid argument. I would like to counter with the opinion that wIth SCOTUS in play, we already have retreated to our island. We must do something now, or we are lost for at least a generation, if not longer.

Michael Cullison said...

This is waaaay off topic, but what better place to get some opinions on something gun-related.

I'm in the process of returning an EOTech 512 for a refund and I need a new red dot for my Stag 3HL in .300 BLK. I'd like to stay in the same price range, which probably rules out the Leupold DeltaPoint and Trijicon RMR. Any thoughts on the following:

* Burris FastFire III
* Vortex Razor, Viper or Venom
* SIG Romeo 1 or 3

I much prefer the rectangular reticle red dots to the round ones. I really liked the EOTech, but they've obviously got some serious QC problems with their devices.

I know the SIG Optics stuff is real new and probably not in wide circulation, but I'd bet somebody here has one or has tried one. Thing I like best about them is auto On/auto Off feature. They seem to be reasonably priced, too. More than you'd expect from SIG. The Burris and Vortex red dots seem to be pretty well rated, but they all lack the auto On/Off feature.

I like the SIG Romeo 1 the best, but their web site only shows it on pistols. I'm sure it would probably work with carbines so long as it had a Pic mount, but I'm not sure.

Charlie Foxtrot said...

Keep that up Michael, and we'll be asking __demanding__ an autobiography.

You can sign it at the NRAAM. ;)

Anonymous said...

Andrew M-
But if Trump wins you wont see another conservative in power for many generations. Trump is the worst of both worlds. He is a long time liberal democrat who will rule as a liberal democrat (and pick a SCOTUS justice like a liberal democrat) BUT he is perceived as a conservative by most of the population so when he runs the country into the ground conservatives and republicans will be guilty by association. Youll never see another conservative president in your lifetime.

Anonymous said...

We can agree to disagree.

Michael Bane said...

Ca I take tim out to answer a gun question????

Michael...I have several Burris Fastfire IIIs...I like them on ARs, not so much on pistols (when I need to throw a sight on an AR, I usually use the Fastfire in its standard AR mounts).

I've shot the Romeo 1 on a 320 9mm...I also had a long talk with Ron Cohen, the CEO of Sig, about the testing protocols on the Romeo series, and it was pretty impressive. In short, Ron insisted on a much higher level of testing than is normal on a red dot, and he refused to release the sight until it met his standards. Ron Cohen is one of the most straight-arrow people I know, as well as one of the smartest people in the business, so I tend to believe him. The Romeo 3 is the rail mount version, I believe.


PS: Anon...you might look at my rants against "conservatives" on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/michael.bane.395). I am in favor of the complete destruction of the establishment Republican Party, followed by salting every square inch of the earth they ever stood on. The Democrats are socialists, sure, but the Republicans are socialists who lie about it. I am a Second Amendment activist, and the Republicans are every bit as duplicitous lying swine when it comes to guns as Democrats. I support Trump because I believe he supports guns. I don't give a damn about whether his "Real True Conservative" card is punched...

Michael Bane said...

And other Anon, I read the Dunkirk article...why would I care whether the "conservatives" survive at all? The war-crazed "spread democracy" profiteer neocons, the crony capitalists like Mrs. Ted "Goldman Sachs" Cruz, the smug bastards in favor of open borders and global trade because it doesn't affect their jobs, the clowns like McCain who have patted gun activists on the head while cutting deals with our blood enemies have sown the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind. Shapiro wants to keep his dacha by the lake.


NJ Larry said...

Yesterday when I read this proposal to "surrender" to Hillary Clinton, it crossed the rubicon for me. I will in next few days change to independent from R after 46 years. Piss on them...


Anonymous said...

@ Michael Bane
I agree with you on the establishment republicans. I have no use for them and they are as much a part of the problem as democrats. Perhaps "conservative " was a poor choice of words on my part. What I was meaning was people who actually stood for and followed the Constitution. Which is why I can not support either of the top 2 candidates.
I totally get the hate for hillary among the gun culture, what I dont get is the almost cult-like following of Trump. Why would you blindly follow a guy who has been a liberal democrat his whole life? Who bragged about hillary coming to his wedding? Who said hillary would make a great president? Whos own children couldnt vote for him in the primaries because they were still registered democrats? Who was for open borders and gun control up until about 5 minutes before he decided to run as prez and then he suddenly does a 180 and we are supposed to believe him? Was he lieing then or is he lieing now??
I wish you wouldnt waste your considerable social and political capital on a charlatan like Trump.

Michael Bane said...

Anon, brother, I truly don't want to be harsh to you, but I do not believe you understand the damage Hillary Clinton can to to the Second Amendment and RKBA. I have talked to top Second Amendment attorney, and, frankly, we're all pretty damned worried about the destruction that can be wrought. Just like at Obama's "simple" executive order on ITAR registration is doing to hundreds of small gunsmiths...it says anyone who cuts metal has to pay the $2000+ fee even if you never sell a part or plan to export anything.

As I have said repeatedly, I vote guns. Period. End of story.

I don't care if Trump grows a tail, sprouts horns and is video'ed walking down Fifth Avenue eating cooked baby on a stick and throwing Molotov cocktails at nuns.

HE GETS MY VOTE BECAUSE HE IS NOT HILLARY CLINTON! Why is that so hard to grasp? I do not give a damn what Trump did five years or five minutes ago. I VOTE GUNS. Voting for Gary MARIJUANA Johnson and his half-wit virulently antigun running mate or whichever poor pathetic bastard Bill Kristol conned into running is a vote that helps get Hillary elected. To think anything else borders on the realm of fantasy.

I expect nothing from Trump, but I believe him on the Second because of his sons, who struck me and many of my friends who know them better than I as 100% stand up guys.

And if we have to fight Trump, we fight from a position of strength because we're the ones who got him elected. I would sure as hell rather fight Trump with a Republican legislature and a more conservative judiciary than fight an utterly ruthless Hillary Clinton with a Democratic legislature and a socialist Judiciary, not to mention the whole panoply of weaponized federal agencies behind her!

What little political and social capital I have I will spend defending the Second Amendment.


Again, please don't take this as a personal insult. That was not my intent, and I appreciate your taking the time to write.



Anonymous said...

@ Michael Bane
One last thing then I will shut up and leave you alone...
First off I hope I am wrong and you are right on Trump but we in the gun community can not rely on any politician to be the protector of our Second Amend rights. Whatever happens in the election or the aftermath we need to stop putting our hope in politicians and realize the ability to defend our rights lies with us.
We gun owners need to learn 4 important words..." I will not comply!" When whoever gets elected passes the next round of gun control, we as gun owners need to practice civil disobedience. They pass an Assault Weapons Ban and we need to say " Look heres my AR that I WONT be turning in! I will not Comply!" Magazine ban..."Look heres my 30 rnd mag I WONT be turning in! I will not comply!" There are 10s of millions of gun owners, if the majority of us simply refused to follow any gun control what could they do? Sure they would jail some of us to make examples and try to scare the rest but if we stood our ground there simply arent enough jail cells to hold us all. Mind you Im not talking violence, the minute we turn violent we lose all public support and ultimately our rights. If we are willing to put our ass on the line then it really doesnt matter what the supreme court, or president, or congress says or does. They can only take our rights if we the people let them. Its simple... not easy but simple.
On a less contentious note, I want to thank you for your podcast. I have been listening for many years and it is one of the few gun related podcasts worth listening to. I even like your quirky, eclectic music choices ( well most of them).
Blessings to you and your Sweety

Rastus said...

" I am in favor of the complete destruction of the establishment Republican Party, followed by salting every square inch of the earth they ever stood on.", by Michael Bane.

Damn that man has way with words. My feelings exactly.

As I have said, enemy soldiers are given quarter and traitors are given the death penalty. There's a good reason for that and why the name Benedict Arnold is disdained centuries after he is dead.

Many of the "Republicans" were actually Democrats who changed their affiliation because of conservative district opportunities. They have no problem with lying.

I have no problem voting their assess out of office or preventing them from making a general election by voting against them and supporting their opposition. We've had both houses, the Supreme Court and what have we gotten for that....very little and a country headed the wrong way.

A subversive communist, a wealthy industrialist and butt boy politicians...all mean bad things for the USA. That would be the Democrats, Rino's and most of who are in office.

We don't get our country back by doing the same thing over and over. Some times, to make changes...you have to break a few eggs. Which is why the voters chose Trump, Carson and Cruz early on (and the pretender Rubio)...to break the establishment. Well, the establishment is on it's back.

Trump is the man for the job.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

OK, now having said all of that, how do we protect the Second Amendment? I mean guarantee that it stays as is even restored to where it was, without the "hunting, or sporting purpose" bull and all of that?

Handing the election over to Hillary won't do that.

Life Member