Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Blistering Hot Wednesday

it was the hottest July day in Denver history — like, 300 degrees, or soemthing like that. I could tell you about my physical this morning...NAWWWWWWWWWW! Instead I'll tell you why I should NEVER be allowed in gun stores. I stopped by this store to sell something, a set of really beautiful Nill Grips for a SIG that were just too fat for my hands. Nill grips are seriously expensive, and this gun store guy has been after me for months to sell the grips (since I was talking a mega-deal). So I dropped off the grips,, the guys says, "Say Bane, you ever seen one of these?"

He fished around and comes up with a Fitz-ized 1917 S&W .45 ACP. I've seen a bunch of gnawed-up S&Ws — gnawed up a few myself. The Ugliest Gun In The World is a bastardized 1917. This, however, was one of the best Fitz Specials I've ever seen — the barrel had been cut off at the end of the ejection rod and professionally it a 3-inch barrel. A correct front sight had been fitted VERY professionally, and the grip frame rounded and fitted with custom rosewood grips. It was fitted with a spurless hammer and a short-stroke action (looks a lot the work from the 'smiths at Gun Craft in Ruskin, FL, who used to specialize in putting PPC actions on N-frame Smiths). It's parkerized, which is period correct but ugly.

Okay, LAYAWAY, since I'm not made of money. How could I pass up a professionally done Fitz Special? What else could I have done? Anything else WOULD HAVE BEEN WRONG!

How much do you want for the grips, the guy asked.

Take if off the FITZ, I replied...


Anonymous said...

Well, if you decide you don't want it..


Michael Bane said...

I swear, Walt, it's the best Fitz I've seen, including the two I built.

I COULDN'T let it pass!