Saturday, July 30, 2005

Kansas City Here I Come...

...actually, here I am! On a morning after the successful passing of Senate S-397, who in Gun World isn't breathing a sigh of relief! More than $200 million in ten years, defending against BULLSHIT lawsuits...that money could have gone into R&D, or dividends back to stockholders, or, heck, ammunition. That money came straight out of our pockets!

THANK YOU to the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation! Remember, NSSF's Heritage Fund financed our defense of the lawsuits and lead attorney Larry Keane never lost. The NRA was relentless — exactly what I pay them to be.

To quote the old Jefferson Starship: "Look what's happening on the street/Got a revolution/Got a revolution!"

I say now's an excellent time to CONSOLIDATE OUR GAINS and move forward to GRIND THE BOGUS ANTIGUN MOVEMENT into the dirt of history.

BTW, got into KC at midnight last night and ran into SHOOTING GALLERY fans, the airport cops! Man, I will NEVER get used to how cool that is!

Off to the gun show...and, no, I won't be shopping...will I?????


Anonymous said...

One of our local gun rights groups RMGO, seems to be unhappy with the passage, as they dont like the Kohl Trigger Lock Amendment, unless the House removes it. Anyone's thoughts?

Michael Bane said...

There are some people who, upon receiving a bar of silver, will complain bitterly that it isn't a bar of gold.

I'm privvy to a lot of insider information, and you have no idea how close the industry was to the edge. There just wasn't enough money to continue the defense at previous levels.

The trigger lock amendment is smoke and mirrors. It doesn't mean anything at all in the Real World. All new guns already come with locks, and it wont harm anything to sell used ones with a padlock. We all know they have no effect on either crime or accidents (maybe a net gain in lives lost to firearms inaccessibility, but a tiny one). It allows the other side to save a little face...