Friday, March 30, 2007

A Little Something Creepy for You All...

Here's the movie trailer for the sequel to 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later.

I'd been on the road like forever when I smoked into some airport motel in the wee hours with a 6AM flight ahead of me. I pay down in bed, flicked the teevee to 28 Days Later on HBO and spent the rest of the night with my eyes wide, wide open. I made my plane early. It's a scary movie.

I have hopes for the sequel, who's tag line is "Eradication...Sterilization...Re-Population...Re-Infection..."


Alcibiades said...

I know that, technically, those aren't zombies in the "28 days" movie(s)*. But will there ever be a zombie movie that features air bursting artillery? That should really destroy those swarms of zombies easily.

*The third movie, if ever made, shall be called 28 years later... or maybe "months".

Anonymous said...

Guys, you can see it in a few weeks:

28 Weeks Later

Gross: $0 Release Date: 05/11/2007

28 Weeks Later is the sequel to the hit 2002 British zombie flick 28 Days Later. The U.S. Army has restored order in the depopulated London until another outbreak of the Rage virus sends the city back into chaos.

Anonymous said...

How about this one, Bane, taking place in our home state, just 30 miles from me.


Alcibiades said...

That looks like the perfect Sci-fi Channel movie...

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