Friday, March 09, 2007

More on the D.C. Second Amendment Ruling

Lots of blog stuff out there. Say Uncle has excellent coverage. Volokh, via Instapundit, is documenting factual errors on the ruling in both the Washington Post and the NYT. Big media is trying desperately to spin this story their — ie, the antigun — way, but at least based on the NPR interview with Paul Helmke, the curent weasel-in-charge at Brady, they're running around on the verge of wetting themselves. You can read Brady's overwrought press release here.

Not to be outdone, the Violence Policy Center is predicting the end of civilization as we know it:
"While today’s decision is a dream come true for America’s gun lobby and gunmakers, it may mark the beginning of a long, national nightmare from which we will never recover as a nation."
Wow! Cool! I suggest immigrating to Canada; be sure to say hi to Alex Baldwin when you get there! Meanwhile, NBC is running a poll on whether handguns should be legal in D.C., witht he current tally running about 88% in our favor. Tres embarrassing! The rabble just doesn't seem to agree with those media "opinion leaders."


Anonymous said...

The link to the NBC poll comes up blank. I wonder if they took it down on purpose because it wasnt' showing what they thought it would.


Not Available said...

you can get to it at Look for the news item on the decision. There is a link for a survey. Yes is 89%

Anonymous said...

So, how long until I can run down to the hardware store and buy a new production Thompson, or a basketful of Sten guns?????

Ya think Wal-Mart will stock them?

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The poll CAN'T be right!
Everyone knows that the majority wants guns banned. It's for the children don't ya know.
Sarah told me so!


Anonymous said...

NBC poll results:

Should handguns be legal in D.C.?
Choice Votes Percentage of 5437 Votes
Yes 4822 89%
No 615 11%

The 11% is probably an error. They meant to check the other box(grin!)

as of 8:17PM EST

NotClauswitz said...

Canada is calling!! Gooo Thereee!!