Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Today's Recipes...LOL!

Okay, meanwhile back in Gun World, first a quick look Across the Pond, where the pathetic remnants of our forefathers continue hell-bent toward spiritual suicide:
Home Office proposes ban on samurai swords

Banning Offensive Weapons proposes a ban on the sale, import and hire of replica samurai swords, adding them to the 17 weapons including on the Offensive Weapons Order.

In the past four years there have been 80 serious crimes involving imitation samurais in England and Wales. The Home Office notes that genuine, collectable swords are not used in crime, but rather cheaper, easily available swords.

Home Office minister Vernon Coaker said: "Public safety is our greatest priority. Samurai sword crime is low in volume but high in profile and I recognise it can have a devastating impact.
Last year the U. K. Home Office was fretting about large chef's knives, remember. Next year, they'll be looking at sharp sticks, knitting needles, fingers to the eye (nyuck, nyuck, nyuck!), and harsh language. Gun crime, of course, continues to soar, because, of course, "...only outlaws will have guns..."

Thankfully, Britain's large contingent of Jedi Knights (I'm not making this up!) are standing firm:
Jedi denounce UK sabre ban plan

The UK's Jedi community today expressed concerns that government plans to ban Samurai swords could hinder their freedom to wield lightsabres in public.


Breaching the new rules could mean six months in prison, and a £5,000 fine. Anyone carrying such a weapon in public could faces up to four years in prison, the consultation paper suggests.
The paper notes that genuine Samurai swords would not attract the same penalties, and there are also exemptions for other specific martial arts weapons. "We recognise it is the cheap, easily available Samurai swords which are being used in crime and not the genuine, more expensive samurai swords which are of interest to collectors and martial art enthusiasts," Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker. "As such as we are putting forward exemptions for these groups."

The key word here is 'replica'. No one has yet built a working lightsabre, leaving the UK's would-be Obi-Wans inevitably having to wield plastic, flick-of-the-wrist-to-extend weapons in duels with Sith Lords, remotes and, occasionally, each other.

But Jedi fear that the Samurai ban would leave them exposed to future legislation against other forms of imitation weaponry that would, Jedi Temple (Neasden) spokesman Indi-Anna Jones warned today.
I'm thinking of forming the first Jedi Temple in the little mountain town I live in. I figured the burned out hippies who live here will flock to the Temple, especially when I put up the big posters of Carrie Fisher as a Jabba the Hut's barge 'ho. Pass that collection plate! I suppose it doesn't matter about Britain in the long run...it has my vote as the most likely European country to first adopt Sharia Law. Do you think the imans will require Wookies to wear burkahs? Probably...this from The London Fog blogsite:
Men should wear burkahs too

The United Nations, in collaboration with the World Mental Health Organization and the Women's Universal Suffrage organization, in collaboration with the Homeless Coalition and the Diversity and Anti-Discrimination co-operative, in collaboration with local White Male support groups overlooked by the environmental friendly are advocating mandatory burkahs for all.

What better way to achieve equality and suppress unfair advantages such as those enjoyed by beautiful people than by covering up their mugs? Ugly people deserve a chance too.
Meanwhile, rumors about in Gun World that two major players will be stepping in the blazing hot black rifle market this year. I'm estimating that maybe as many as 750,000 black rifles, primarily AR clones and the numerous flavors or AKs, were sold in 2006. I base this on some preliminary AR manufacturing numbers and a "finger in the wind best-guess" on the AKs. Part of this reflects the November elections...I issued a "buy order," and I stand by it. Secondly, AKs are available at extremely attractive prices, and there's definitely a "betcha can't eat just one" air around them.

There's also a bit of controvery around Matthew Fox's paeon to the H-K 416 gas piston gun in Army Times. Here's his conclusions:
The 416 is now considered in many circles to be the best carbine in the world — a weapon that combines the solid handling, accuracy and familiarity of the M4 with the famed dependability of the rugged AK47.

For the foreseeable future, however, the Army is sticking with the M4 and M16 for regular forces.


The key to the 416’s reliability lies in its gas system. It looks like the M4 carbine on the outside, but on the inside, H&K has replaced Colt’s “gas-tube” system with the short-stroke piston system. This eliminates carbon being blown back into the chamber, which leads to fouling problems, and greatly reduces parts wear created by super-heated gases used to cycle the weapon. The result, experts say, is that the 416 is more reliable, easier to maintain and has a longer parts life than the M4.
I personally think all this bodes well for the next generation of carbines using some kind of modified piston system, including the presently available SIGARMS 556, the FNH SCAR system (which I have shot in semi, but not full auto due to range restrictions) and the whole host of smaller makers like Robinson, LWRC (which I have shot in full auto) and P.O.F.-USA.

My bone with H-K is that there are zero plans for a civilian version of the 416, which sucks. FNH is working on a civilian semi version of the SCAR, which I liked the heck out of. I'm going up to FNH later this spring and will have a full report for you guys on DOWN RANGE and SHOOTING GALLERY.

I'll be up at SIGARMS next week, working with the 556 and a couple of varieties of SIG pistols that should be available alter this year. Again, watch this space!


NotClauswitz said...

IMO if Winchester had gotten into the AR business they could have saved the company. The Winchester trademark script on an M1 Garand, M1 Carbine or any-damn-thing adds a huge premium, and it would have been an inexpensivce tool-up.
Maybe they wanted to dump the plant and unload some pension-debt while restructuring...

Anonymous said...

I added the words in parentheses to make the matter more clear.(grin!)

The paper notes that genuine Samurai (handguns) swords would not attract the same penalties, and there are also exemptions for other specific martial arts weapons. "We recognize it is the cheap, easily available Samurai (handguns) swords which are being used in crime and not the genuine, more expensive samurai (handguns)swords which are of interest to collectors and martial art enthusiasts," Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker. "As such as we are putting forward exemptions for these groups

Anonymous said...

Once again they do not get it. In the article it mentions that it is already illegal to carry one in public. That hasn't stopped the BG so lets make it illegal to even own one (unless your rich and have a 'real' one). Yeah, that will really scare them!

Liberal logic is terrifying!

Anonymous said...

That's Matthew Cox writing for the Army Times. Matthew Fox is better known as "Jack" on ABC's Lost, and probably not an expert on small arms used by special forces ;)

Anonymous said...

750K? In one year? No wonder there's a shortage of .223 ammo. As for piston guns, I remain unconvinced, and as long as all known designs remain vaporware, I'll just keep my original design ARs clean.

Anonymous said...

The eye opening moment for me was when we had some Brits over for training. They complained that Americans had too many choices for everything, from breakfast to cars. They felt choice should be limited to make things work "better for everyone". And that's why they are subjects and we are citizens.

NotClauswitz said...

Also the Brits have some historical experience in this regard, since back in 1717 when George I outlawed the Scotts' claymore swords and any wearing of arms - and clan tartans. So how well did that work out for them? Aren't the Scotts the squeeky wheel that gets all the London Parlimentary grease/cash/payola etc. nowdays?

Anonymous said...

If H & K or Sig et al really had their poop together, they would design a retrofit gas piston system for the M16. That way they could convert existing stocks of weapons and fleece the american public the proper way.

The M16 family will be around untill we start using energy weapons or phasers.

Anonymous said...

A quick Goggle (sp) search reveals ARES Defense sells a retrofit kit just as you describe, but it only fits 10.5 to 16 barrels. ARfcom has a posting on it - don't know how they work in real life.

Anonymous said...

Nobody does, as there don't seem to be any out in the real world. I've been promised a test unit for some time, but alas my UPS driver can't seem to find it on the truck.

Anonymous said...

That ARES kit is on the same UPS truck as the entire shipment of Shrikes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeez Louise, why don't they just lock everybody up in freakin prison and not have to worry about it any more. Damn pansies.

NotClauswitz said...

Jack, the Brits only lock people up in prison for a brief sort of time-out period. A drunk young creep who beat-up a 78-year old man who died, just got 20-months.