Friday, February 01, 2008

SHOT Quickies...

...will move this to the SHOT BLOG tomorrow...

• Bushmaster licenses Masada technology from rifle due Q3 2008.

• Penn Gilette rocks!



Anonymous said...

Ummmm...a bushy likey :)
$$$ in hand and waiting!

Eric said...

Any word on the second coming of the Bren Ten, the VLTOR 10mm Fortis?

Joe Duckworth said...

Hi Michael.....
Is there an e-mail addy for a press/interview request for you?

Great Lakes Radio

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with the Bushmaster Masada is that they're calling it the "Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle" they invented it. That rubs me wrong since they had zilch to do with the concept.

It's nice the rifle will have a decent production powerhouse behind it, but that's really the only advantage here. I would rather have a "Magpul Masada" than a Bushmaster ACR, when it gets right down to brass tacks.

Heck, I'll settle for a "Magpul ACR, manufactured by Bushmaster."

As it is, I'm all ready to hear gunshop salesman call it a
"improved Carbon-15" rather than the innovative rifle it truely is.

Bushmaster diluted the name, and now FN is likely breathing easier since their SCAR's won't have to worry about an actual branded Magpul rifle competing directly with theirs.

Unknown said...

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