Friday, May 29, 2009

Cross the Brazos at Waco ...

Am escaping from Texas after a morning of nuclear disaster .... never really realized how much of a fashion accessory a Geiger counter can be .... also, I'm now up for collecting orange Fiestaware (look it up yourselves...sort of an inside joke with nuclear engineers).

Am looking forward to getting back to simple mayhem.

BTW. For all of you readers & watchers who live in the College Station area, I'll be back in July to film some Shooting Gallery stuff with Karl Rehn...I'll post the dates in advance and we can put together an evening of revelry at the Dixie Chicken.

Am one step closer to the newest series, also BTW. Total world domination!

-- Post From The Road


Hazcat said...

orange Fiestaware.......

I had an NBC MOS in the Army. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ed Jones, 54E, retired in 89

Anonymous said...

I'll be in Ft Hole in the Woods in June for the WWCC.

Karl's a great force on force trainer. I took his classes at the Mid Winter Tactical.

Michael, I think the one year you got shot in the face in during one of the sessions didn't you?

Ratcatcher 55

John R said...

I'm looking forward to that "...evening of revelry at the Dixie Chicken."

See you then.

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