Sunday, May 17, 2009

Morning Report

Didn't go to the banquet last night trying to catch up on meetings. Spent some time earlier with Dave Kopel and Jeff Knox trying to get a handle on the politics. Short story is what you already know...we're surrounded by implacable enemies who, to some extent, are afraid of the political pressure we can bring to bear. That means unless something happens to hand the other side leverage, we're probably good until the 2010 midterm elections. Expect more posturing on the part of the Dem antigun fanatics, but they're not going to risk the election.

The run on guns and ammo rattled some of our enemies' world view...portions of the other side actually believe the crap they dribble out to the media, and it's shocked them pretty badly to discover that America really is Gun Nation. The crowds here have all been record-breaking, to the extent that on the first day fire marshals had to limit escalator access because the huge number of people headed into the show. One really positive note is the unprecedented number of people attending the NRA Grassroots Workshops. 

There is a fear that the "cry wolf" syndrome might blunt our edge; I said I agreed that is a valid issue, but that I thought on the whole the culture understands it's in a life-or-death battle with this administration. 

Interestingly enough, I think this has been a very positive Members' Meeting...there's less fear than I saw back in December, and I think that's because we're in the fight now and we've scored some early points. 


Dan said...

From my cold, dead hand, Michael, cold, dead hand!

Anonymous said...

Very good analysis. Keep it coming.

(I know that almost sounds like a spam comment, but it's not. One of the most valuable things that can come out of a mass meet-and-talk of the gun culture like the NRA Meeting is a deepened strategic picture of the whole battlefield for our rights. Posts like this help those of us who can't be in Phoenix draw more informed conclusions.)

Looking forward to your thoughts about ammo. Let me guess -- the ammo makers are still spooked about long-term political developments, and are going to stand pat, despite the increased demand. They'll keep working extra shifts in their existing production facilities, but aren't ready to invest in new factories.

George said...

That is all good news. But I am not content to fight them to a draw. We need to go on the offensive and start taking back or expanding our rights. I know some states have been doing this but we need a concerted effort from the nation's foremost gun lobbying group to make that happen. And I hope the NRA is moving in that direction.

The other side is playing for keeps and so should we.....

Geoff aka Pathfinder said...

Well said George. Never surrender, never give up the fight. No freakin shrugs anymore - none. They get no quarter, because they will give no quarter.

We may be good til the 2010 midterm, but we need to keep the pressure on them constantly until then. And after then, raise it even more.

Anonymous said...

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