Thursday, May 21, 2009

With a Whimper...

Remember when the federal judge sided with the Brady Bunch and stopped the Bush administration's rule change that allowed us to carry concealed in national parks (well, more correctly, to bring national parks into compliance with host state laws)? Made big headline everywhere, antigun lobby wins a big one, blah blah?

SOOOOOOOO yesterday the House follows the Senate and voted overwhelmingly to override the federal judge and allow common sense to rule. USA Today mentioned this huge progun victory in a one-inch story on page 8A in a round-up column of legislative quotes from the NRA or that sad panda Josh Sugarman at VPC this time. Thank heavens there's no media bias! 

I can't say it better than Cold Fury
Why are newspapers dying? Because they damned well deserve to!
I am proud of my newspaper roots, so it saddens me to say that every failing newspaper cheers my heart. The newspaper "industry" doesn't need to be bailed needs to be burned down and the ground on which it stood salted.

BTW, my pal Uncle notes that the bill  (actually an amendment to the credit card bill) goes much farther than the original Bush rules went: 
Coburn’s amendment goes much further:

The Secretary of the Interior shall not promulgate or enforce any regulation that prohibits an individual from possessing a firearm including an assembled or functional firearm in any unit of the National Park System or the National Wildlife Refuge System if–
(1) the individual is not otherwise prohibited by law from possessing the firearm; and
(2) the possession of the firearm is in compliance with the law of the State in which the unit of the National Park System or the National Wildlife Refuge System is located.

Thus Arizonans without a license can now carry any firearm openly in their national parks and Texans can now carry rifles and shotguns openly (and handguns in their cars without a license) in their national parks since those activities are in compliance with the law outside the Park.

This must burn up the Brady Campaign - they won a battle and lost a much bigger war!
Brady's good at doing that...the question of course is whether bHO, Maximum Barry, will sign the appears likely. If he vetoes it, he tosses a few more logs on the currently cooling gun market and harpoons the credit card bill that he insisted Congress whip through. Finger crossed.

Of course in my home state of Colorado, Governor Bill Ritter, who has been widely accused of being either 1) a failure or 2) insufficiently Democratic, vetoed a common sense gun measure that would have allowed CCW holders (like me) to skip the state background check when purchasing firearms. He called the measure "troubling." I call it both troubling and sad to see a Western state governor wearing knee pads. You might consider, Bill, that you're the governor of Colorado, not New York.

Anyway, on to the Bianchi Cup today, where I'll be joining up with the SHOOTING GALLERY film crew. AM looking forward to spending some time with Caleb at Gun Nuts Media, who's shooting his first Bianchi...good luck, dude! 

I can't fill you in on any deals, but yesterday we moved the ball 'way forward on as new gun/shooting series that will — as usual — reset the baselines for everybody else. This is a show all of you will really love, and I've been working on the basic concepts and show structure for the last 6 months. Yesterday we took it to the bosses and they were very happy. Still a long way to go, but I'm very excited.

We're still loading videos from the NRA Show, and the traffic on DRTV and has been huge. Thank you, all! Wait until you see what we have planned for SHOT 2010. Hey, be sure to check out my book signing at the TACTICAL SOLUTIONS booth!


nj_larry said...

As they themselves said, a crisis is a terrible thing to on all of these "critical" bills they are pushing through the Congress lets tag some pro-gun amendment to it. We can sit back and watch them all squirm but still vote FOR it. This may actually turn out to be a once in a lifetime oppty for us !!!

John Richardson said...

Heh! In North Carolina our CCW lets us forego both the background check and the Jim Crow-era (read racist) pistol purchase permit issued by the local sheriff. That is one reason many people in NC get their CCW (besides the obvious).

Anonymous said...

This was a great move from the pro-gun legislators, and it was satisfying to see as many Democrats voting for the overall bill, whatever they may have thought about the gun/park amendment.

BUT - the libs reeeeely wanted the credit card bill, and the whole law doesn't go into effect for 9 months (as far as I can tell.) How many bills will we see in that time that have an amendment attached repealing the right to carry in parks? Stick a repeal amendment on the Defense appropriations bill, for example, and what will the pro-gun folks do? (The right thing, I hope, but that's not too common in DC.)

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder: Bush signed a similar law last year. It was "shelved" by a lawsuit filed by the "antis". The suit hasn't even been tried fully in the court, as the judge directed that an "environmental impact study" be conducted first and that the new law be "put on hold". I'm looking for the same thing to happen here. Just look at "Kalee-forn-ee-yah". The people vote and legislators act in their behalf (sometimes), but the courts undo what they've decided.
Our only salvation is to vote the Marxists and Socialists out!
Life Member

Anonymous said...

Don't be overly excited with the passing of this bill. It was attached to the credit card bill (the one that will help the people that DON'T pay their bills and penalize the ones of us that do). Anyway, it was an attachment. It passed because they wanted the credit card bill to pass more than the gun bill to fail. As one of the proponants of the gun bill said, "It's all about timing". We still have a battle to fight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:16 AM:

No, the Department of Interior issued a rule, and the rule making process (conveniently) ignored the requirement in the law for study of the environmental impact of the rule.

This is a law and can't be sandbagged by the bureaucrats.

Dave S. said...

I love it. Months ago it was, "The Dems are going to take our guns! Aeeeeeiiiiii!"

Now it's, "The Dems passed a pro-gun law but the media didn't give it much attention! Aeeeeeiiiiii!"

Wbdrey said...

In the state of North Carolina, any time i wish to purchase a firearm, I just whoop out my ccw license; other than filling out the silly yellow form that is all there is to it. Not to say there aren't other problems to encounter, but that one is easy enough. For the others, I should just go ahead and get an ffl.

Mark Horning said...

Actually even better.

Californians can open carry in the National Parks now. heh heh. California's anti-open carry law only applies to incorporated areas and certain counties.

Oh won't that get the anti's spun up?