Friday, November 05, 2010

Back To Serious Shooting

Okay...enough running around California swilling red wine! Up at the crack of dawn to shoot the Ruger Rimfire Championships, or as much as I can shoot before we film the episode for SG. The RRC has become a solid series of national matches, and I'm really pleased about being there in the beginning and helping birth it.

Didn't have a chance to put together new rimfire guns for the match, so I'm defaulting to my Target 10/22 with an ancient Tasco ProPoint red dot and my Tactical Solutions/Ruger 22/45 pistol. Hope I can scrounge up enough CCI MiniMags to get through the match!

Will hopefully be able to post pixs from the range...

BTW, John Richardson's No Lawyers Only Guns And Money blog has become a daily read...if you haven't checked it out, give it a try...


Not Available said...

This post allowed me to find Tom Russell. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Someday they will get the RRC up to Montana so the whole family can go. I know my boys would love this.


Gunmart said...

Boy I wish somebody as important as Michael Bane would plug my blog.



Metalchemist said...

Yea, The only trouble with doing ANY kind of shooting in COMMIEFORNIA, aka: Banifornia,
is you're only allowed to have ten round capicity Magazines MAX.
I was born and raised in this occupied state, and have seen the old hens in the senate (Feinstein, Boxer , Nazi Pelosi, Lofgren...)literally ruin this place.
Now with more voter fraud these decrepit hens have been reelected.
Believe it or not they are talking about banning lazer pointers.
HELP !!!!!

Kare anderson said...

After reading about Texas Red in your friend Stephen's gripping book i should not have been surprised that he named you at the end of one of his long-time friends

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