Monday, November 01, 2010

Important Statement from Alf the Wonder Beagle

RE: This picture from the weekend's John Stewart/Steven Colbert's Idiots' March in Washington D.C.:

...the Wonder Beagle today issued this statement: "I like large birds. Parrots are my friends. I resent even a puppy demeaning the special avian/canine bond. I am prepared to savagely bite anyone who comes onto my turf, which covers most of the state known to humans as 'Colorado.' I also like bacon."


DamDoc said...

I like a dog with strong conviction.. Alf is a cutie!

seeker_two said...

So, which of Alf's convictions is stronger?....the large birds?....or the bacon?....

Secesh said...

Somehow Alf is smaller than I imagined.

Metalchemist said...

Woof, Woof !!!!

Michael Bane said...

That's just some random puppy...Alf is much cuter...and bigger...


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