Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

I let my Mexican drug lord license expire. Am I still eligible for the free machine gun program?
Iowahawk Blog

In all probability, as has been reported by Snowflakes in Hell and No Lawyers, Only Guns & Money, the new DOJ rules requiring gun stores along the souther border to report certain multiple long gun sales will not survive legal scrutiny. The amazing thing to me is that the administration is sticking to its narrative, e.g. the "Iron River" of guns flowing into into Mexico, even though the "Fast and Furious" Congressional investigation and subsequent revelations have proven conclusively that they only Iron River flowing into Mexico is the one being run by the U.S. government.

It is, I think, part and parcel of the Left's love of the Big Lie...if they just keep saying it over and over and over, eventually it becomes accepted as, if not truth, at least gospel (and remember, the antigun "movement" was never actuality a "movement" in the accepted sense of the word, but rather an issue of gospel, an accepted shibboleth of the liberal religion..."I don't care about the fact; I know what I believe"...pretty much on par with saying that regardless of the facts, that pesky sun does in fact orbit the earth). Think of that line about a gun in the home being 43 times more likely blah blah. That fake statistic has been debunked for years, yet it is still routinely cited by the MSM as the "gospel" truth.

This is the first salvo of the Administration's antigun initiative, to be carried out entirely by fiat with no legislative approval necessary. If you go back through the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Michael Bloomberg's pet pack of liars, white paper (linked in the comment section of my previous post), many of the recommended actions involve hugely increasing the "mission" of and funding for the ATF...I fully expect to see these recommendations on the table in future weeks. I suspect the big pushes will come against gun shows and the non-existent "loophole" and the importability of certain weapons (ATF has been sniffing around magazine-fed shotguns for months).

Meanwhile, I've shifted my shooting training from cowboy to rimfire in anticipation of the Ruger Rimfire Challenge World Championships in New Mexico next month. We're going to be filming it for the new SHOOTING GALLERY and I will be shooting it as well. I shot last year's World in Morro Bay, CA, where I can assure you the food was a lot better than it will be in rural New Mexico! Last year I shot in Open, with a Tasco ProPort red dot on my Target 10/22. I replaced the red dot with Tech Sights AR-style open sights and will shoot this year in Limited. Part of that is due to my new improved left eye lens, which was replaced last year (my right lens was replaced the year before). The right eye remains permanently partially fogged from the shingles attack a few years back (jeeeeeeez, get vaccinated while you can!), but I have good enough vision for iron sights, more or less.

I did replace the AR front sight with a green fiber optic to match the green fiber optic on my Tactical Solutions Ruger 22/45 Mark 3.

Today's a pistol day; I'm also picking up the rifle stocks for my Sweetie's and my rifles. We had both of them cut down a bit to accommodate a more squared-on stance as advocated by GUNSITE. My .22 now has the same length of pull as my Ruger Scout .308, which I'm very pleased with.

Interesting commentary today over at the Weer'ed World blog referencing one of my podcast on using force (or not) to protect stuff:
I will not kill somebody over my property, but somebody willing to threaten me FOR my property is willing to kill me no matter what I do. I WILL kill over that.
I think that's a good summation actually. It comes back to the reasonable man doctrine...what would a reasonable man (or woman) do in that situation? There is a fine line between "theft." "armed robbery" and "aggravated assault," a line the armed civilian must be critically aware of. In my own personal experience, a person who wanted my wallet launched his assault by "making a motion consistent with drawing a firearm," and the situation went from zero to the gravest extreme in less than a second.

Once we are in the soup, we need to be aware of how the situation is flowing around us. As I have written before, ALL fights, all violent encounters, are potentially lethal to you. Yet you can only respond with lethal force when, in your opinion as a reasonable man or woman, that potentiality has been realized. And that is the scariest line of all...


Anonymous said...

The Dirty Dozen at DOJ..

Kristophr said...

Today, Assistant Director Mark R. Chait, while standing in front of the burning Reich-stag with an emptied flame-thrower, called for more restrictions on the enemies of the state in order to prevent further arson against government buildings.

shawn w said...

i remember a couple years back, hillery clinton saying

"it's not about the truth it's about perception"

i tried to find the original context and situation where she said it, but couldn't.
but hey, i guess her statement works for this post.

Unknown said...

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