Friday, August 26, 2011

At the 3-Gun @ Rockcastle

And very tired to boot. You know, I think the guys here have pulled off a 3-gun hat essence, recast 3-gun as a do-able thing for mainstream shooters. This match is more "contained," I guess is the word. And the longest shot is 275 yards. The result us a more accessible style of 3-gun than many of the "outlaw" matches I've seen.

We've been following Iain Harrison as he struggles with his Saiga. Gonna be a good show!

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, Michael. As a beginning 3-gunner, the AR15/Rockcastle Pro-Am was an awesome event! Not only did it give newbies like myself an addictive taste at this great sport, but a chance to watch, meet and mingle with the best-of-the-best to boot. Meeting and speaking with you was an added bonus during the weekend, too... that, and winning the Freedom Gunworks custom STI/Caspian 2011 during the amateur prize drawings, that is! Kudos to, Rockcastle Range and each of the sponsors.

Chris Ordway
Elizabethtown, Kentucky