Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rarest of the Rare

FG-42 German paratrooper semiautomatic for-real assault fact, the uber assault rifle...

-- Post From The Road


Dillonhelp said...

Not selective-fire?

Jason M said...

Anyway to get some gun time with that on the show or web? I have always been intrigued by it.


Michael Bane said...

Full auto only...sadly, now far too valuable to shoot!


justbill said...

No such animal Michael. Guns are to be shot as long as they are mechanically safe. Just like classic aircraft should be flown and cars should be driven. To treat guns otherwise, you might as well own one of those pot metal repros that sell for a couple hundred bucks.

If this were mine, it would be shot no less often than any other firearm. But not as much as the .45 ACP Luger! ;-)

"gunner" said...

i'd agree with "justbill", guns should be shot when possible, along with old classic cars and so on, treat them with care, but use them.

Anonymous said...

That's just sad, shooting poor innocent old classic cars, apparently just because you can. What's the world coming to?

Anonymous said...

There is a company in Texas setting up(beyond prototype stage)to produce semi auto FG 42's in 8mm and 7.62x51mm. was a good sized thread on the Fal Files a month or so back.Gonna run 4500-5000 a piece. said...

The guy is totally just, and there is no skepticism.

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