Monday, August 22, 2011

Seeklander Wins Steel Challenge Production!

Huge congrats are in order for THE BEST DEFENSE's Mike Seeklander, who won Production Division at last weekend's Steel Challenge in Piru, CA!

Production Division is the toughest division to compete in, and Mike certainly showed his mastery of the out-of-the-box gun.

BTW, Marshal Halloway and DRTV were right there in Piru, and you can see video of Mike in action on our Wednesday videos.

Great work, Mike! We stand in awe...

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Not Available said...

Please Michael, no serious competitor uses a " out-of-the-box gun". I'm sure (unless Mike says otherwise) that he had something done to the gun. Sights, trigger, barrel, something. I on the other hand back in the day competed with a out-of-the-box gun which is why you see a lack of National, regional, state and local titles in my name.