Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Love This!

On Legal Insurrection, a funny note on how liberals are not like us.

In our universe, the answer to Nick Kristof's tweet is, "Bang!"


Pete said...

And here I was thinking there was no practical reason to get a howdah pistol!

nj_larry said...

Had to bring this to everyone's attention. The government monster is insatiable in its hunger for power and control. While we get distracted by the MSM with lions and tigers and bears, the TSA is out of the airports now. Check this story of how the TSA is doing random highway checks. In Tennessee of all places.

Brother if the 2012 election doesn't set this country back on the right track, we are in for a very dangerous time in America. As the saying goes..."be afraid, be very afraid".

Cyber Warrior said...

Did you know your latest Pod cast #235 is NOT loaded on iTunes.

Thought you should know

Michael Bane said...

I'll check with Marshal on the iTunes issue...don't know what's up there.

Agree with Larry, BTW...