Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Quickie Catch-Up...

...but first, the opening sentence from Stephen Hunter's newest thriller, SOFT TARGET, coming on December 6:

"The bullet hit Santa Claus beneath the left eye."

Well, there you are! You're going to buy it, aren't you? Then, as usual, you're not going to be able to put the darn thing down until you finish it (which I haven't done, BTW, although it kept me awake and reading on an entire transcontinental flight!). I will have a review and, depending on when we start filming GUN STORIES Season 2, maybe a video interview with Steve when we get a little closer to the release date. The book is in the Swagger-Verse, featuring Ray Cruz, introduced in DEAD ZERO.

I see that Colt is going to be entering a version of their Rail Gun in the upcoming Marine Corps (that would be "core," like the apple, as opposed to "corpse," like an inarticulate no-nothing poser might say) competition for a new pistol for Force Recon. Interesting, because Force Recon is currently using up the last of their hand-built 1911A1s. Expect every major manufacturer to put a .45 into those Trials.

If you recall, I liked the Rail Gun I used at GUNSITE a year or so ago so much that I bought that specific gun, the first Colt I'd purchased since my Wilson Combat competition gun back in the mid-1980s. It's a very nice 1911, and, heck, the Marines would be used to the way it works.

I also note the AAC PDW I talked about a while back is coming to fruition. It's a 6-inch barreled AR-platform gun in .300AAC Blackout with a really innovative sliding stock. The gun's designed for a subsonic version of that round but would be fully functional with the hotter variants. Speaking of AAC, I got an email from Brother Dick Heinie when I was vacationing that he's rounded up a slide and a barrel from Nighthawk Custom to build me a threaded barrel 1911 upper with his high fixed sights for suppressor-equipped guns as an adjunct to my Heinie 1911. Recall I was blown away by AAC's John Hollister's Nighthawk .45 ACP fitted with a Ti-Rant suppressor. Probably be a bit until I get the suppressor, since I'm still waiting for paper to clear on a couple of others. At Knob Creek I was told that Class III paperwork is running 120-180 days.


Beaumont said...

That just might be the coolest opening sentence in literary history.

kmitch200 said...

It's a 6-inch barreled AR-platform gun in .300AAC Blackout

A six inch barrel? What's the point?
Might as well make it 2" and call it an "AR Jframe".

Put a stock on that 'canned' 1911 from Dick Heinie and you're probably getting the same terminal effects. (and a better trigger)

Cyber Warrior said...

Did you know your latest Pod cast #235 is NOT loaded on iTunes.

Thought you should know