Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Interesting Day!

Was at Colt today and had my first chance to handle the new Colt Mustang .380s ( pixs on this...was on short schedule). As you guys know, I've been a big fan of the Mustang...I had one redone by the old Scott, MacDougal Associates back in the late 1980s/early 1990s and used it as my designated pocket pistol (in a Jerry Ahern pocket holster) for years.

Anyhow, was talking to one of the Colt engineers on the little .380, and I pulled one off the test line just to get a feel for it...yes, they're starting to move into the pipeline. Frankly, it is a much tighter gun than my original, and the SA trigger pull was excellent...again, arguably better than the one I carried for years. Sights were better, too. I think I'm definitely going to get one...I wish they'd remake one of the little Government Model .380s...9mm would be even better!

And never, ever let me in the Colt Custom Shop! It makes me want stuff I'm never going to shell out the bucks for!


Paulette1951 said...

Hopefully - now that Colt has started production again, Crimson Trace will step up with a model for the Mustang. If they do, I can get one for my original Mustang .380!

Rob Reed said...


I've been intrigued by the Mustang, but admit to not knowing much about it.

For one thing, what exactly is the distinction between a Mustang and a .380 Govt Model? I never quit grokked the difference.


Tom said...

I carry a Colt Pony PocketLite .380, which was just a double action only version of the Mustang. It's been a good gun.

Michael Bane said...

Think of the difference between a Government Model .380 and a Mustang as the difference between a regular 1911 and an Officer's Model..smaller in all dimensions.

The .380 Government Model looked like a 1911 that shrank in the wash.

A note...the new (and the old) Mustangs are single action guns, and all my caveats regarding pocket carry apply!


Michael Bane said...

PS: Don't have insider information, but CT was at Colt very recently, and I would imagine the Mustang was very much on the table...


Laura said...

I handled the Mustang at the Meeting back in Pittsburgh, and I've gotta say...those things are TIGHT AS HELL. I don't have any trouble with the slide on my other half's Colt 1911, but that Mustang gave me a hell of a time.

...Still, though, I want. Darn you, Colt. Darn. You.

Rob Drummond said...

I have always loved the Mustang & personally, next to the Colt 1903 it is my favorite pistol of all time. Although I have all sorts of Rugers and currently carry an LC9 I will definately get one of the new Mustangs.

I use to carry two LCP's which I also liked a lot. But the LCP has quite a snap to it compared to the Mustang. Among friends in discussing calibers the .380 is basically laughed at as a defence gun. Recently Concord, NH changed their handguns to .40 away from 9mm because of an incident where officers couldn't take down a bad guy with the 9. In a dicussion about that with a NH State police sergent she said it was as much to do with shot placement as caliber. She also said a mouth full of .380 isn't just a bad day for the dentist. I think I would have to agree with that police officer.
Rob Drummond
Hillsboro, NH

Michael Bane said...

I would like to point out that in one of the rare instances in my life when I pointed a real live gun at a real live person, it was the .380 Mustang pointed at a very large biker type person who had just impolitely asked me for all my money. Strangely, he didn't start laughing at all...just raised his hands and asked what he needed to do to stay alive...he was very polite, starting right about when I knocked the safety off on the draw...



Matthew said...


Any word on an ambi safety like C&S used to make? That would increase the utility as a back-up gun.


There was the Colt .380 Gov't Model (the "1911" analog), the Mustang Plus II, which had the shorter Mustang barrel and slide on the full size Gov't .380 grip (Commander analog), and the Mustang, which was shorter in both dimensions (Officer's analog).

All were offered in steel and "Pocketlite" aluminum frames.

I've had two PL Gov't models (one sold, one stolen) and my current Mustang PL. Great little guns.

Anonymous said...

I always thought (at least for me) the Colt Government.380 was the right size. You know..that not to big, not to little thing.

It's great to see the Mustang back in production but I really hope they start making the Government model again.

Anonymous said...

To hell with Colt....they left the consumer firearms busniness years ago.

Get the Sig P238

Michael Bane said...

Colt is making significant strides to get back to the consumer firearms market...they've been humble and very honest about their mistakes, and they're doing a good job of making products people want...

The Sig P238 is a sweet little gun; I believe Marshal always has one at the ready.

I'm hoping to get a P238, my old Muystang and the new Colt out to the range in Tulsa for a DRTV piece in a couple of weeks...


Will said...

any info on their new 9mm?
When I saw the new Mustang at SHOT last year, I asked if they were going to re-issue the Pocket9 also. Was told no, that they had a new design in the works.

Angus McThag said...

I bought a P238 because I couldn't get a new Mustang.

Unknown said...

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