Monday, September 16, 2013

Heart of Darkness Threshold

I have a theory that eventually trip weirdness becomes self-sustaining, a point I call somewhat unoriginally the Heart of Darkness Threshold. I can tell you categorically that home-brewed schnapps, sort of turpentine with just a hint of formaldehyde, will probably scour the lining out of your stomach. Today we were with the Himba, basically your last nomadic tribe on earth. I'm not sure but I think I could have purchased a good, slightly used second wife if I'd had the requisite cattle. BTW, the whole hair thing, red ochre worked into Rasta dreads with lard, kinda works.

This is after a couple of days in Etosha National Park, the lad of dry water, checking out the lions, rhinos and elephants...absolutely amazing! We have pics and video.

I'm still pondering the eland...4 days of tracking in the Kalahari with the Bushman, who sort of floated over  the red sand I slogged through. In the end, the old bull was like a ghost, vanishing to the thorn that shredded my legs. I just about cried when I shot him and was so tired I could barely hold the rifle. Our plan right now is to build the SG episodes around that bull.

I have 3 more days of hunting at Immenhof, gemsbok and hopefully a good impala...I'm told it will be hard but nowhere near as brutal as the Kalahari thorn. I figure it's supposed to be hard, right?


KevinC said...

Congrats on the eland!

_DonWorsham_ said...

If you can't get an impala, get a galaxie.

RickP said...

Got the eland, eh? Excellent! See, you weren't in over your head afterall. ;D

kmitch200 said...

Nice job Michael!!

CR Cobb said...


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