Saturday, September 28, 2013


The road is calling me, so I decided on tonight as Margarita Monday. Went hi-zoot tonight with Milagro Anejo and Solerno Orange liqueur and fresh lemon juice, plus 1/4 teaspoon of Agave sweetener (depending on your lemon juice). This is the margarita you want to serve when special friends come over.

I am reading on Sports Grid that UNDER WILD SKIES has been cancelled. If so, it would really, really suck. Hopefully, the series would find a place back on OC, where we live in Politically Incorrect World. BTW, I haven't seen anything on this on the gun aggregation blogs...hey, we've asked the hunters to stand for we shooters, and they have. In turn, we need to stand for them.


nj larry said...

You know its funny you should mention Wild Skies being cancelled. Just today before the football games I tuned to Babe Winkelman's show on NBC Sports channel. I love him. He is calm old school. Fishing and hunting without the hoopla...Today it was about crossbow hunting. I've watched his show for about 10 or 15 years. Today was the first time I noticed they stopped the video at the shot and impact. Like a 3 second momentary halt. I suspect now that it was a post Makris edit. Now that really sucks.

Its time for the producers and talent on NBC to step up, much as you and the other Colorado manufactures did. They need to step away from NBC. The advertisers need to hear from us and in turn withdraw their advertising and sponsorship on NBC. Enough is enough.

_DonWorsham_ said...

I'm beginning to think this " Margarita Monday" is showing up every day...

Michael Bane said...

Would that only be so!


JakeLonergan said...

For the networks, and associate industries, ignoring "our" shows only goes so far. If they can make money they are all for it. Both the cable companies in my area only offer OC on their top tier. Not sure of this is true across the country but they know that many of us, starved for entertainment in this area, will pay the extra bucks.

kmitch200 said...

That 'Sports Grid' link is something else. I'm not so much an opponent of killing animals, as I am an opponent of NBC Sports decision to air what ostensibly seemed like a murder of an animal minding it's own business
MEAT IS MURDER! sounds like this douche's rallying cry.

The cable companies I've dealt with had The Outdooor Channel as a tier package or "We don't have it yet".
TOC is available ala carte from DirectTV and I saved some coin changing to a sat dish...even after the signup sweetheart deals ran out.