Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hickenlooper Continues to Stumble

Read this piece in the Examiner on Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper's most recent "nervous" press conference...several points come to mind:

1) Hickenlooper repeatedly refused to meet with both representatives of the Colorado shooting sports and me personally. We were allowed to speak to a member of the Governor's staff, but she only wanted to know what number, say, 50, would we support for a magazine capacity cap. She seemed puzzled that we refused to name such a number on moral/ethical grounds. 

2) During the same period of time, Hickenlooper was in regular telephone contact with Michael Bloomberg, even though Hickenlooper would later claim -- dishonestly, it seems -- he had no direct contacts with Bloomberg.

3) During the same period of time, according to the public record, full-time lobbyists hired and paid by Bloomberg had total and unconditional access to Hickenlooper and his fact, drafting the Democratic strategy of ignoring Colorado constituents and railroading the vote.

4) Hickenlooper was never a particularly antigun politician. But his politics changed completely when he began working directly with Bloomberg. It MUST be asked what sort of deal Hickenlooper was offered --and apparently took -- to sell out Colorado! The 2-part deal I repeatedly heard, but cannot prove, from the State House (both Republicans & Democrats) was:

* Bloomberg would provide critical funding for the early exploratory days of Hickenlooper's run for the Presidency, which is now In the crapper as Hickenlooper's career continues to implode.
* Hickenlooper would be guaranteed a position in Washington should he lose the 2014 reelection...he could then use that position as a springboard to his national political career.

In your interviews you sound like a man running scared, Governor. Are those pieces of silver in your pocket weighing on you just a little bit?


JohninMd.(too late?!??) said...

They should burn him, every time he touches one piece of The Thirty... the Denarians will take what's left of his soul.( sorry, couldn't help a 'Dresden File' reference...)

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't he also recalled?

Life Member

DamDoc said...

Chickenpooper wasn't recalled because this needs to be done incrementally.. you take out the low hanging fruit, get attention, and show people it CAN be done.. You don't want to over reach and fail by taking on too much. This was a masterful model for Colorado, and I hope there are some early moves (before 2014) to dismantle the egregious infringement laws. That will be another opportunity to see who is onboard and who still does not get it.. good 2014 election fodder. Either they cave, or they put targets on their shirts. Chickenpooper's turn will be the general election.. He is sure sounding a bit nervous now! The 2014 election drum beat should start today!