Sunday, September 01, 2013

When Pressure Cookers Are Outlawed... know the rest. From Drudge:
China: Wife Boils Husband In Pressure Cooker 
A woman reportedly hands herself into police after allegedly killing her husband and boiling his dismembered body parts.
Well, okay...I'm going with fava beans, sliced onions and maybe some chicken stock, as I'm not sure of the quality of stock made from long pig. Serve with rice and some Vietnamese chili/garlic sauce...maybe...just saying.

For us, though, it's chili'ed grilled salmon and Margarita Monday On Sunday! Actually, I'm using Hornitos Reposado, which, in all honesty, I think is an overrated tequila, Solerno blood orange liquor and fresh lemon juice...maybe a touch of agave nectar. The Solerno has such a bite that it can hold its own again the Hornitos. I suspect the margs might have been better with Hornitas Anejo, but I have pretty high standards. Never EVER take me to a Chili's and order me a margarita!

Voting has begun on the Colorado recall elections. This from Fox:
NYC Mayor Bloomberg donates $350G to fight Colorado recalls 
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has thrown $350,000 behind an effort to fight the recall of two Colorado Democratic legislators for their votes in favor of sweeping new gun control laws. 
Campaign finance paperwork filed Tuesday and obtained by showed that Bloomberg wrote a personal check to Taxpayers for Responsible Democracy, the group fighting the recalls targeting Colorado Springs Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron, of Pueblo.
For heaven's sake, VOTE! That nasty little fascist Michael Bloomberg wrote the "Colorado" laws, subverted the electoral process in Colorado by both buying votes and threatening that any Democrat who voted against with a Bloomberg-financed primary challenge from the left, cut a deal with Governor John MyGodI'mStupid (Hickenlooper swore he didn't consult with Bloomberg on the gun laws until a Freedom Of Information demand uncovered phone calls between the nasty little fascist and the Governor, who once considered himself a national contender and is now widely considered a joke...hey, how'z about the fact that the northern part of your state is voting on secession because you're such a crappy governor for a campaign slogan? Vote for me, because I suck so hard my own state left me!) and now contributes $350K, 3 times more than the NRA, to his continued ownership of Colorado Democrats. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! 

Frankly, recall elections scare the heck out of me...I'd much rather have put the effort into 2014, but we're in it. Colorado State Senate President John Morse is one of the most reprehensible people I've ever had the misfortune to meet. Here's why:
Talking on the Rachel Maddow show, Senator John Morse of Colorado stated that his approach to constituents who are trying to contact him about current gun control legislation, and the advice he’s giving his fellow senators, is to ignore them. That, rather than have a conversation and debate your opinion with the people who you represent, you should ignore them and “do what [you] need to do.”
He deserves not to be recalled, but to spend the rest of his life chained to a wall in a Third World prison for the damage he's done to Colorado. Unfortunately, that's not on the ballot.


JohninMd(help!?) said...

Just wondering, is there a contribution limit for individuals in Colorado elections?

kmitch200 said...

Hornitos Reposado, which, in all honesty, I think is an overrated tequila

Which could be said about any brand of tequila. And I've had 'good''s still tequila.

sheepdog1968 said...

Hi Michael,
Do you know what the polls said just prior to the recall? Just curious at the odds of a sucessful recall. California recalled Gray Davis (then the sitting governor) for less outrageous stuff so it is definately possible.

As for tequila, a few years ago, we had a work related dinner at a place that specalizes in tequila. We got to taste many different brands. It was amazing at the subtle differences. Was lots of fun.

Keep up the good work.

PS I can't wait to hear your comments about the Ruger American rimfire. It looks to be a great hit.