Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Ides of April!

If you put on your thinking caps, you'll know what I was doing yesterday...pretty much the same thing everybody else in the country was doing, and, yes, ti ducked (I was going to edit this to, "it sucked," but I kinda like it the way it is...)! Perfect miserable, snowy, freezing cold day for it, too. The damned winter will never end.

Couple of relatively interesting datapoints on the AR front. There's Ares Defense's "featureless" AR, a conventionally styled rifle on the AR platform designed to be legal in all 50 states designed to use AR uppers on their proprietary lower/bolt carrier (via Guns.com):

And we mean all AR-15 upper receivers. This is not a bufferless .22 rifle. The SCR will be manufactured in 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington and 7.62x39mm and is compatible with standar AR-15 uppers. 
The SCR uses a modified bolt carrier with an extension that drops into a recoil tube inside the stock, similar to some semi-auto shotguns. The bolt carrier is proprietary but the bolt itself is standard. We will know more about the rifle when it is officially unveiled at the NRA Annual Meeting.

This is a gun I'm looking forward to seeing (and videoing) at NRA. Ares Defense has always been good on technological solutions (their belt-fed AR just so rocks!), so I have high hopes for the gun. I love it when someone sticks a thumb in the eye of brainless state legislatures.

There's a second thumb (via The Firearm Blog) that Troy Industries displayed at SHOT, an AR platform pump action rifle, called — duh! — the PAR. The upper, where the pump system resides, and the lower are proprietary, but it does use AR magazines.

Pump action ARs have been around for a while. I know DPMS made, or at least cataloged, one, and I handled a prototype from a different manufacturer back when the Clinton Ban was still in effect. It's not a bad idea for non-permissive/restricted states, although a better idea is for us to have long-term strategies to retake those states and return them to America.

Speaking of non-permissive environments projects, MPI Stocks tells me the lightweight fiberglass stock for the Browning BLR is almost competed. That should take close to a pound and a half off the gun.

CNN Money has noted what all of us already know...the black rifle bubble is ancient history:
Many rifle manufacturers ramped up production last year in response to the sales spike, said Rommel Dionisio, industry analyst for Wedbush Securities. But demand has since stagnated, he said, and there's now a glut of gun inventory.
SOOOOOOOOOOOO, an excellent time to buy an AR!


KevinC said...

To borrow from an ancient nerd maxim ("The internet treats censorship as damage and routes around it"), gun owners treat useless gun laws as roadblocks and detour around them.

"You can't stop the signal, Mal!" - Mr. Universe

kmitch200 said...

you'll know what I was doing yesterday...pretty much the same thing everybody else in the country was doing

Practicing on the driving range?
Phx is creeping into the 90s...100s won't be far behind and then comes Hell.

Anonymous said...

So the demand for AR's has dropped. Because everyone who wants one now has one.

Sheepdog1968 said...

Nice to see AR alternatives that are 50 state permissive. I still wonder why the mini-14 or 30 doesn't get more love as the ranch models are likely 50 state allowable. If only Ruger made versions that used AR and AK mags.

John said...

Remington makes a pump-action rifle that takes AR mags. It used to be on their consumer site but now can be found on their LEO site. It is the Model 7615 Patrol Rifle.

Michael Bane said...

John...you're ABSOLUTELY right! I completely forgot about the Rem 7615, although I shot a couple of them a whole bunch and even put them on SG years ago! Remember when 5.11 was doing those LEO competitions n Montana? Rem was a big sponsor, and they had a bunch of those 7615s out there. The ones I shot were accurate and sweethearts to shoot. Can't believe I completely blotted them out!!!!