Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Face-off

On one side of the ring, 5 million NRA members, people who give their hard-earned money to an organization dedicated to protecting their rights.

On the other side, one nasty little fascist with a lot of money and his purchased woman mouthpiece (I'm not sure I'm remembering this correctly, but don't we have a word for that type person?).

Imagine if the Koch Brother decided they were going to dedicate their millions on some lame conservative social cause most Americans reject out of you think that the pathetic "newspaper of record" would be giving them the big ole wet kiss? Or would they be saying the same thing I am about Bloomberg's new hobby:

There is something profoundly un-American in one many with money trying to figure out ways to turn the rest of us into felons. Here's what it really is, from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:


 noun \ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi-\

: a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government


Overload in Colorado said...

The Supreme Court did recently rule that money = free speech. John Stewart took them to task for it, but that blade cuts both ways.

I wonder how much he's been pouring into MIAG and MDA? Since he's merging them together, he may actually be spending less total.

While I believe the US is better than the rest of the world, I still believe money rules. I read that 90% of all US elections are won by whomever spends the most money.

Anonymous said...

In the long run, he does us more good than harm, I believe. Since there's only a very small anti-gun faction of coward psychos to begin with, he's already got them and wasting 50 mil isn't going to increase their numbers much. OTH, this will (as past history shows) galvanize the pro-gun community to further action. Thus: Dems lose senate, Hil loses '16 pres race. He's in it for what most libs are: a tingly delusion that he's Morally Superior to others, and he's willing to blow 50m on that masturbatory dream.

DamDoc said...

Nasty fascist and his concubine, indead!.. why cant this jackwad just buy himself a desert island and just fade out into retirement obscurity?

FiftycalTX said...

Just remember, the fascists in Ukraine are on a campaign to "register" Jews. To what end, is unknown at this time. Who is it that wants to "register" GUN OWNERS in this country and why?

Jasonfb said...

So folks are rightly going crazy about Jews being threatened with evil registration by gun carrying thugs. Now you know how California and Connecticut and New York gun owner feel every day. I posted this to my social media site and a friend posted this.
"No comparison. There's no historical precedent for putting gun owners into ovens. They don't even take your cows away, apparently."

I responded,

"You are absolutely correct. Why is that do you think?"

She responded that she didn't know and then continued to try and change the subject. Hahaha. Made me smile.

Charlie Foxtrot said...

"It's difficult to enslave a free people. It's only possible if they lay down their arms and take up their chains themselves."

Michael Bane said...

No matter what they say
It doesn't mean a thing
They're living in a dream
It always ends...

It always ends...
It always ends...
It always ends, it always ends... the same

"It Always Ends the Same"