Monday, August 04, 2014

A Little Range Time... My Sweetie worked with the .22 Spike's/JP AR, getting ready for her Appleseed later this month. I changed out the springs in the 6-inch C&S GP-100, going up a couple of pounds on the mainspring. I tried it out today on rounds with rock-hard Wolf and CCI primers without incident...shot pretty sweet, as a matter of fact. Gonna maybe run 100 rounds through it tomorrow and see how it goes.

I've also got one of Carbon Arms' ultralite .22 ARs, which I'll ratchet onto a lower, put a sight on it and try it out.

This week on GS WITH JOE, we're doing Broomhandle Mausers, which are always week is arguably the best piece of television I've ever been a part of...TEDDY ROOSEVELT'S SAFARI RIFLES on GS. Tim Cremin did an AMAZING job of collecting vintage footage and editing the show. Joe's closing is nothing short of spectacular.

I'll remind you again next week!


Frank F said...

Michael, thrilled that Gun Stories will be doing an episode on Broomhandle Mausers this week. The GS treatment has been long overdue for this intriguing pistol. Been a big fan, since I saw Oliver Reed wielding a Schnellfeuer model in the movie "Sitting Target".

Frank F said...

Michael, just saw the Gun Stories Broomhandle episode. Excellent!
Cory Trapp indicated He was baffled re why the .45 Chinese Broomhandle copy was produced. The quote below may was all about the Tommy Gun!
"Warlord General Yen Hsi-Shan was a man who loved firearms. He understand that they were going to provide the power that his men could use to enforce his will upon Shansi Province. Yen also knew that to properly equip his forces he needed a steady, reliable flow of arms, leading him to commission the opening of the Shansi Military Technology Practice Factory.
Weapons of any type could be reverse engineered by his craftsmen, leading to production runs of good quality firearms. The first was the Chinese copy of .45 ACP Thompson submachine gun, an automatic weapon wielded by Yen's armored train guards as goods moved around the mountain province.
Yen also armed his men with the C96 Mauser, the famous pistol used by Winston Churchill during the Boer War. Yen's men however went to war with a pistol chamber in 7.63mm and an automatic pistol caliber weapon in .45 ACP. Two pistol calibers meant twice the problems in procuring or producing the ammunition needed for forces in the field. Yen, it is said, decided his men needed one caliber, he chose the .45 ACP."
That is why about 8,000 .45 Broomhandles were produced.